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○ Edition #16 - Llymlaen, 7th Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○

Halonic Faith: The State of Ishgard’s Church

By Lihli Nherusa


As my predecessor would say, it warms my heart to see the faith of the Twelve still going as strongly as ever in parts of the realm. Though my true allegiance lies with Nymeia and Althyk, I have a fondness for Halone and her guiding principles.

It was such a thing that brought me to a Halonic Mass within Saint Reymanaud’s Cathedral. The Pillars of Ishgard has always been a lovely and majestic location and the Cathedral is no exception to such things; stained glass is featured most prominently through these hallowed halls and the foyer leading up to the inner sanctum is spacious. Truly, it gives the feeling of walking into the Twelves’ own realm. Yet we are only human and can see such when we seek solace in the inner portion of the church. With eyes fixated permanently upon the visage of Halone, whom carries her spear and shield with her always and forever, immortalized in wrought marble, Ishgardians and foreigners alike offer prayer and ask to receive succor and strength from the Fury.

It was just so during the Mass, as many and more gathered around to hear the words of Father Isarn Lacordaire; a dusky Elezen man of lowborn nature, one would never think of such when you hear him preach upon the fundamentals of the Ishgardian faith. Though I may secure some small amount of displeasure for writing so, I seek only to convey what was shown to me with truthful words.

Not all were made equal in the eyes of the Fury. Such a common sentiment was found that night from both the Father and a large majority of the crowd. Ishgard has reacted heavily to the change being brought forth by the House of Lords and Commons and I find that not all are as keen about it as others: the Halonic Church being one of them. As I

understand it, a great deal of what the Church taught has been discovered as lies and has thrown them into disarray; lessons must be recounted, the Church’s ways come under scrutiny, and even the foundation of Ishgard is shaken. I can sympathize with their plight and thus do not seek to find issue with Father Lacordaire’s words as a whole.

However, there is the matter of foreigners. Not all were made equal in the eyes of the Fury, alas.. And so, too, do foreigners fall under such things. During the Mass, a few simple outsiders were gathered, myself included. And so it was that I witnessed the shunning of a devout Au Ra woman and the near volatile behaviour that nearly led to an uprising. I will not offer my personal opinion on such things except to say that such behaviour is unbecoming. Any would take issue with the fact that there was near violence in such a holy place as well. Yet there were those still who did not support such things.. And those as well who fled at the first sign that things were going poorly. In the end, the matters were settled down and the Au Ra was removed from the church of her own volition.

Father Lacordaire beseeched us to work towards bleeding the weak from the faith-- those who would pray to Halone and yet do not bother to do Her work, those who are content to let corruption fester within the faith. Yet I must question those who do not adhere to Halone’s own precepts. If we are to let others dictate who and who is not equal in the eyes of Her divine presence then how do we decide who is worthy to make such statements? As we have seen, priests are as mortal as the rest of the realm. Still, Father Lacordaire would have us believe that all are not equal in Her eyes. All are not equal, indeed.


Cold Steel: Upcoming Tournament of the Fury

By K.

Imagine this: In the far Northern reaches of Eorzea, just past the canopy of the Shroud and independence of Mor Dhona, in the ever present veil of purest white driven snow one has ever encountered. There is serene silence broken by a fanfare of trumpets and the roars of not dragons, but of crowds of nobility and commoners as they cheer on their favored champions in a series of four tournaments in celebration of martial prowess!

Yes, such dreams are made of these as many a young man or woman grows up hearing the romantics of fighting for one’s honor, beliefs, or pride of Nation. The whole of the event is spearheaded by House Dufresne of Ishgard, which some of you might know from the Dufresne Bellworks and its charitable works and donations. This massive undertaking will combine not only the thrill of such events as Grindstone, Mystic Runestone, and Spellguard, but also add in a contest of skill among archers and mounted jousting for those experienced with polearms. Although I should take this time to mention that chocobos are not included and all participants of this last event must have their own properly barded chocobo to ride upon.

Those wishing to attend should seek out Eliane Dufresne or Gwenneth Gilrouis before the seventeenth sun of Llymlaen to register. Participants shall register under their respective city state and then from there can participate in as many or few of the events as they wish. The purse is yet to be announced but with as much effort that is going into making this event live up to the title “Grand”, participants can expect it to be sizable. At the end of all the pageantry and tests of skill, Champions will be celebrated at the closing ball to be held at The Pillars of Ishgard.

So clear your schedules, get a sitter for the kids, call in sick to work, whatever you have to do to be present because this is going to be one for the record books. For more information on The Grand Tournament of the Fury, look for upcoming editions of The Crystal Chronicle as we will be covering the event in its entirety.

[Editor’s Note: Registration information about the Tournament can be found in this pamphlet. ]

Artifice of Reason Shares Fruits of Research

By Talman Chryses, Pictures Courtesy of Artifice of Reason


The scientific research and engineering collective known as the Artifice of Reason hosted their first Exchange this week in Ul'dah's Gold Court. The event is planned to occur twice every moon, in an effort to bring the Artifice's work to the public.

Hosted by director Shiori Eikitaika, the event showcased the variety of work being done by members of the Artifice. The services of the magiteknician Dezi'to Cannera were especially popular. Cannera, who specializes in "stuff that goes boom" performed magitek prosthetic repairs on the spot for one customer. Nearby, A'zaza Skywright was selling curious magical artifacts, including some enchanted hands that would grasp and release objects on command.

Ceriselle Giroux, an archaeologist, translator and historian was on hand to provide several services, including historical information. "Today I helped with a riddle of a location, for example. Other things I can help with are attending archaeological digs as well as appraising various ancient artifacts." The Chronicle also spoke with one of the Artifice's alchemists, Ardun Wolfe. As well as selling various poisons, potions and explosives, Wolfe is a botanist conducting research on the production of a powerful antidote from morbols.

Shiori Eikitaika, director of the Artifice of Reason, specializes in both healing and biology and was offering free medical consultations. Her biological research focuses on Allagan chimeras. Leonnaux Altoix, an arcanima specialist, was also present, along with various other members of the Artifice. Anyone passing by was welcome to peruse the goods and services on offer. Eikitaika noted that this was just a small sampling of the Artifice's members and services. "We do this exchange every two weeks and different people will come each time, so do make sure to check it out more than once if you fancy!"

The purpose of the Artifice of Reason is to push forward Eorzean science. Eikitaika told the Chronicle that it has been a sanctioned Free Company in Ul'dah for around six moons, but had only recently begun selling goods and services to the public, so as to acquire revenue, publicity, clients and collaborators. "For a long time we were insular, but it became clear that progress cannot be made with that mentality. At least not progress at the pace I'd prefer." In a conversation with one visitor to the Exchange, Eikitaika explained more of the Artifice's philosophy: "We are in a revolutionary age, in the midst of realm-changing discoveries. Ancient magicks being rediscovered, Allag monstrosities being unearthed, and all this while technology marches forward at a blistering pace. If we do not attempt to keep that pace, Eorzea will fall behind." Later she clarified that idea of keeping pace did not capture everything the Artifice strives for. "We are not content with simply 'keeping up', we intend to lead the pack."

For more information on the fortnightly Exchange, turn to this page. For general information on the Artifice of Reason, turn to this page.


How Much Is That Lalafell in the Window?

By K., Pictures By Lihli Nherusa

Some will tell you that you can’t put a price on love or romance, but on the sixth of Llymlaen, Darksteel Keep did so with their formal date auction. In the lower level of the Ohana Free Company mansion, a theater stage with VIP seating and multiple lounges in Ul’dahn fashion made up the setting for such an event. Servers circulated with platters of fancy cheeses and exotic fruits sliced to bite sized bits, while a bar staff served wine and drinks to the crowd. Behind closed doors, in a rather large backstage area, participants waited, some eagerly, some in nervous contemplation of having company mates, friends and acquaintances gather to bid on them. This rather unique fundraiser was put together by Moonlit Frostweaver who fondly referred to it as “My baby”, during her interview. While she will be moving up in the world having received a promotion within the free company, Miss Frostweaver will still be there to help guide the next individual to take up the mantle of Event Planner, Luthrose Nailothian.

The Master of Ceremony, a rather dapperly dressed Roegadyn by name of Sacred Ash, kept the room lively and the pace of events moving along smoothly even as bidding wars were held over certain individuals. I got a chance to speak to one of the participants in person just shortly after they had completed their time on stage.

K: Mr. Bibiraka, you were one of the few Lalafell participating tonight, what was it like up on stage and how do you feel about the winning bid amount you received?

Zabi: Call me Zabi please, it should be much easier for you as well. I am quite pleased with myself. I do believe that the young lady that won the bid will be handsomely impressed and in reality will find that she got quite the deal.

K: Do you think you will participate in an event like this again should you get the chance?


Zabi: I do not see why not, I got to meet three wonderful ladies all who seemed quite fond of me even though they purchased my evening for their sister. ... All in all this worked out quite well in my book.

Those who participated did not leave empty handed, not only do they now have a date with the winning bidder, but also got to keep half of the sum. Most however in the spirit of charity gave their part towards the overall goal. In the end, Darksteel managed to raise twelve million nine hundred ninety thousand gil (12,990,000) from the event and another three million, nine hundred thousand gil (3,900,000) in donations. Top earners in the event were Xau’a Khaylin at six million gil, Ciara Levesque at three million gil, and Moonlit Frostweaver with two million gil for her winning bid. Overall the event was a success and Darksteel has reached their goal offering special thanks to those who gave their time to participate, attend, and donate to the cause.


Mystic Runestone Report

By Talman Chryses

Champion: Jenna Rosewood
Magic Style: A blend of Conjury and Thaumaturgy
"It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. The fight I had with Li [Nhija] was especially tough, and he did an amazing job. I look forward to coming back again when I can, whether it's to be a part of it or just to watch."

Second Place: Valis Hollington, previous Runestone champion
Magic Style: Thaumaturge

-Rosewood only approached the finals after a long battle of attrition with the thaumaturge Khada'li Nhija, in which both combatants skillfully avoided each other's spells. Both are to be commended for their endurance.
-In her match against the ninjutsu-wielding Saya Kawanami and in the final match, Rosewood showed proficiency in combining multiple elements and schools of magic to create unexpected effects.
-Roger Holmes played the role of Curator this week, adding to the event a barrage of puns to accompany the barrage of destructive magics.

For more information on the Mystic Runestone turn to this page.

Realmsward Tournament: A Snowy Showdown

By Yachiyo Kaneuchi, Pictures By Kay’tethanir Dotharl


Champion: Azura Moonpaw
Armed with: Lance
Words for the Public: “Set your sights as high as you wish, and let no one tell you your dream cannot be accomplished.”

Second Place: Hassan Pakravan
Armed with: Greataxe

Highlights: Azure Moonpaw, this week’s Realmsward Champion, was the runner up in last week’s tournament!

This week’s Realmsward, though somewhat lessened for whatever the reasons, still held the same amount of ferocity and and danger that it has ever held, according to several civilians I passed on my way to the event. “It is smaller than last week, but we still have a decent turnout of fighters! and that always makes me pleased.” Ser Von Sayrillont, organizer of the tournament, said. “The people here never cease to amaze even an old soldier like myself.” Her words hold true as the many competitors gave it their all to win the glory of being crowned Realmsward Champion for the week. After a hard earned battle won in the final round, Ser Sayrillont’s student, Azura Moonpaw, came out on top and received congratulations from her close friends and even from Sayrillont herself!

Ser Sayrillont leaves us with this inspiring message. “The Realmsward is open to anyone, always have confidence in yourself and push forward, the Realmsward will always fight for the sake of the realm, but being able to defend yourself is a virtue well needed among the citizenry also!”

Grindstone Report

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Kay'tethanir Dotharl

Champion: Rhuketar Sel'rybaen, Onion Knight
Armed with: Lance, elaborate plumed armor.
"Solidarity in the face of insurmountable odds. Protection for any who need it. We are more than adventurers. We are more than Eorzeans. We are Onion Knights!"


Second Place: Tanna Hagane
Armed with: Daggers

-A large and excitable crowd stayed to view the final match, encouraged by cheerleading from several onlookers, a carbuncle and a mammet.
-The final match provided a striking contrast between the heavily armed and eye-catching Sel'rybaen, who showed off several unusual techniques, and the quick and straightforward fighting style of Tanna Hagane. The two were very evenly-matched, but while a thrown dagger was able to end Hagane's earlier match against Alfredon Asean, it missed the Onion Knight, giving him an opening to subdue Hagane with the rarely seen "Onion Thrust".
-The swordswoman Baeyl Teken'ghym deserves mention for persisting through several exceptionally long fights, making to the semi-finals, but eventually being defeated by the Onion Knight.

For more information on the Grindstone, turn to this page.


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