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○ Edition #18 - Llymlaen, 21st Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○

Grand Tournament of the Fury Begins In Coerthas

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Shio Maeda


This week, the second annual Grand Tournament of Fury opened at Camp Dragonhead in Coerthas. Hosted by Ishgard's DuFresne Bellworks, the event encompasses four tournaments of the Mark, Blade, Wand and Lance and a celebratory ball, occurring over a period of two weeks.


The Chronicle is proud to report the results for the first event, the Tournament of the Mark, in which archers and musketeers alike competed in a show of marksmanship. We would like to congratulate Ser Vilette Laurent, who won the title of Champion of the Mark with her rifle. Ser Laurent is Knight-Commander of the Ironclaws and was representing Ishgard. She was awarded the Bounty of the Mark, including a portrait by Lord Evariste, a hunting hawk trained at Falcon's Rest, a rare orchestrion scroll, and 250,000 gil. Her victory came after eight rounds in which contestants fired upon targets, with the two least accurate being eliminated each round. Although some contestants shot close to perfect bullseyes on several occasions, the only way to win was consistency over a large number of shots. Sounsyy Mirke, who did very well in last year's tournament, was surprisingly eliminated the first round, perhaps due to trouble with the snowy weather.

The event drew a large crowd, including representatives of various Ishgardian noble houses such Fortemps, Haillenarte, DeBayle and Valeroyant. Though prior registration was requested for contestants, House DuFresne decided to allow last-minute registration for the tournament. The largest number of contestants were representing Ishgard, but Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah and Gridania were all represented as well. Limsa Lominsa was the first to be eliminated, followed by Ul'dah. The talented archer Leanne Delphium of Gridania came close to winning the championship, but was not able to win the single shot final round against Laurent.

The tournament began with a speech from Lady Eliane DuFresne of the DuFresne Bellworks, the sponsors of the event. Ser Martiallais Heuloix oversaw the tournament itself, with entertaining commentary being provided by Brave Horizon and Xanadu Mol. Some complaints were heard amongst foreign members of the audience about Mol's rather obvious pro-Ishgardian leanings. It was noted early in the day that the views of commentators did not necessarily reflect the opinions of House DuFresne.


Medical treatment was on hand provided by the Ashen Enclave's Clinic. This was only a precaution as the contestants were not firing at each other, but it turned out to be necessary when a feat of spectacularly poor aiming caused an arrow to strike one of the House DuFresne squires who were attending the targets.

Look out for coverage of the rest of the Grand Tournament in future editions in the Crystal Chronicle. Next week's edition will cover the Tournaments of the Blade and Wand, and in two weeks we will report on the Tournament of the Lance and the Celebratory Ball.

For more information on the Grand Tournament of the Fury, turn to this page.

Inspiration from The Caged Bird: The Bandee Pakshee’s Upcoming Art Fair Aims to Excite!

By Gillemont Lachapelle

Art serves as one of the things that brings people together across Eorzea. Be it a perfectly painted portrait of one of our great leaders, a play that will be talked of all across the realm for the next three moons, a song written for a loved one, or even a newspaper bringing you each week’s events, we Eorzeans love nothing more than to come together and enjoy the fruits of the labors of the virtuosos. It is with that in mind that Mademoiselle Andromeda Dulaque of The Bandee Pakshee has organized an outdoor fair, to take place on the 28th Sun of Llymlaen at the eighth bell (5/28), to celebrate all things within the various arts!

The Bandee Pakshee, or Caged Bird to some of the native Sagolii Miqo’te tribes, serves as a venue for entertainment of all types from across Hydaelyn. Though initially known for its high quality courtesans and hookahs, The Bandee Pakshee has since grown to incorporate a fully staffed kitchen, lounge, bar, and more!

This growth has only served to make the Pakshee more approachable for those looking for more. From courtesans to craftsmanship, Mademoiselle Dulaque has whatever you need to put your heart at ease.

And craftsmanship will indeed be the centerpiece of the upcoming Arts Fair. Hosting a star-studded ensemble of artisans and virtuosos, the Pakshee Performing and Visual Arts Fair intends to be a showstopper. In attendance shall be members of Palazzo Aldenard; Midnight Pearl; The Crystal Chronicle’s own Shio Maeda; and, perhaps most excitingly, The Fantasia Players; not to mention the others in the interesting lineup of artisans! Though Mademoiselle Dulaque couldn’t give any spoilers to the players’ upcoming performance, we can expect nothing but greatness from them!

What Mademoiselle Dulaque could share, however, was her joy and excitement for the upcoming event; joy

she hopes to share with her clients and fans alike. “There’s so much to look forward to, both for me personally and the Pakshee. Fans of us both are in for some real treats with what we’ve got coming. Please look forward to it!”

The Pakshee Performing and Visual Arts Fair is still looking for even more talent to fill its roster! If you wish to join in the festivities, Mademoiselle Dulaque happily welcomes you, “This is a chance for all the creatively inclined of Eorzea to come to the Pakshee and show the world their talent.” Those wishing to participate need only contact Andromeda Dulaque for more information.

[More information on the upcoming Art Fair can be found on this page.]


Mystic Runestone Report

By Talman Chryses

Champion: Megumin Redeye
Magic Style: Classically trained thaumaturge
"I'd like to thank the free company Ataraxia that took me in and supports me during my studies of any field of magic that I choose to pursue. We deal in trading and everything it entails. If you have a caravan to protect I promise I will see it safely to its destination with my friends without blowing up the cargo. I'd like to thank my wife Rai, for always supporting me in everything I do and being the one I can lean on no matter what happens."

Second Place: Averill Rooks "the Ravager", previous Runestone champion
Magic Style: Spellblade, wind specialist

-Every five sessions of the Mystic Runestone, champions have the chance to double their winnings by challenging one of the Curators. Redeye took the opportunity to fight the monk Tahni'sae Farreihm, and won. The fight was very quick, with the two adversaries tearing through each other's protective shells, but it was Redeye who landed the last blow.
-The championship match itself provided an interesting display of the familiar spells of classic thaumaturgy against Rook's more outlandish aetherial manipulation. It was Redeye's careful use of her spells and shields that won her the fight, along with a risky short range teleport that surprised her opponent just long enough for her to land the final blow.
-Attention was briefly drawn away from the final proceedings by an altercation between a member of the audience and Runestone regulars, the Eldritch Collective.

Eorzea Mode: Tournament Trends

By S.

A few days past I attended the Grand Tournament of the Mark in Camp Dragonhead. It may not come as a surprise to you readers that I don’t generally care for sport, but it seemed a good opportunity to go hunting for a different sort of style than the kind I have showcased here previously. As I rode the airship into Ishgard, I had grand fantasies about finding dozens and dozens of bombastically dressed archers to choose from, so you can imagine my disappointment when I found all the entrants to be dressed so… practically.

Perhaps it was the drab Coerthan light, but everyone was positively sepia toned. Just when I thought I was going to have to come up with some drivel about which shade of brown was best at deflecting arrows, a literal bloom in the snow caught my eye. Meet Azette Sejois, minor Ishgardian noble and one of the few attendees who seemed to know how to dress herself to flatter.

I will confess that is was not her floral hair ornament that caught my eye first, but rather her finely crafted blades. (A note to the combat-oriented among you: your weapon is your most key accessory. Make it count!) Apparently, in Ishgard, these are government issue - Miss Sejois is a former Inquisitor, though remarkably well-adjusted. She waxed political with me for a moment:

“I’m glad the truth was revealed after so long. Is that not what the Inquisition should be based on, after all? Discovering the truth, no matter what that truth may be?” With words like that, it’s hard to imagine her ever throwing heretics off of cliffs. She goes on: “But I can’t imagine that this is the usual content of a fashion feature.”

Apparel Pictured: Dried Blue Oldrose, Falconer’s Shirt, Punching Gloves, Dragonskin Bottoms, Dhalmelskin Thighboots, Halonic Friar’s Patas

And the noble lady is right at that. So, onto the meat of the thing. The ensemble works because the relative practicality of her boots and pants is offset by the blue of her top. The fussy gold detailing on her patas keeps things from becoming too simple and the incongruous delicacy of the rose in her hair creates textural interest. When I asked about the rose she had this to say:

“‘Tis a reminder to myself to, quite simply, Do Good. The Inquisition’s reputation is somewhat deserved, and carrying something beautiful and fragile reminds me not to… do anything I might later regret.”


So perhaps some cliff-throwing was not entirely outside of the realm of possibility in the past. Regardless, Miss Azette Sejois certainly wins best dressed at the Tournament of the Mark.

A reminder to you readers: you needn’t wait for me to find you in the wild. If you have any burning fashion questions or would like to see what I think of an outfit you put together, I have a mailbox with the paper.

Grindstone Report

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Shio Maeda

Champion: Swyreyn Keltiyrn, the Crystal Chronicle's own Acting Captain of Security!
Armed with: Axe
"If you really want to succeed, do what you're good at. Don't try to get there by making yourself do something you ain't worth shite at."

Second Place: Cendreie Belle'mer, of House Cahernaut
Unarmed martial artist

-Swyreyn Keltiyrn has made several unsuccessful attempts at the Grindstone championship in the past, and we at the Crystal Chronicle would like to congratulate him on finally achieving victory and thank him for showing the public what kind of stuff our security team is made of!
-The finals were delayed by a long semi-final match between Jin Hattori and Cendreie Belle'mer, in which the two unarmed fighters seemed to be evenly matched right up to the end.
-Belle'mer performed very well throughout the tournament and very nearly won the final with her speed and dexterity. Despite her performance, her House seemed unimpressed with her achievement.

Theory Emerges About Mass Black Outs

By Deidra Rose, Additional Reporting By Shio Maeda

Since Menphina of this year, there have been reports of mass amounts of Eorzean citizens seemingly losing hours from their day with no discernable reason. On the 17th of Llymlaen, hundreds of Eorzeans reported losing days, which is the longest reported loss of time this year. Adventurers are generally quick to respond to these losses of time by checking to determine if any of their usual haunts remain unchanged while ordinary citizens tend to assume that the disturbances are caused by magic and don’t look much farther than that.

The Crystal Chronicle spoke with one anonymous Thaumaturgy professional who asserted that during these times, we cease to exist. This theory states that because we know that there are multiple worlds, referencing the void - responsible for voidsent, it may be that reality is having difficulty maintaining all of the worlds. The Thaumaturge in question stated that he was not specifically trained in this aetheric disturbance.

The Arrzaneth Ossuary has no comment at this time on this issue.


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