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○ Edition #17 - Llymlaen, 14th Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○

The Alliance Responds: Maelstrom Official’s Take on Realmsward

By Gillemont Lachapelle


Following the article published on The Realmsward Initiative’s assault and subsequent capture of Castrum Occidens, The Crystal Chronicle reached out to the Alliance for a statement about the Initiative’s movements. Storm Commander Sylbfohc Ostulmsyn offered to answer our questions.

“The Garleans may have withdrawn from the area for now, but you can bet they’ll return.” Commander Ostulmsyn stated in an exclusive interview for the Chronicle. “And in force.” He added, stating that the Initiative’s usage of the Castrum as a temporary base for the time being could prove to be problematic.

Ser Von Sayrillont stated that the Initiative intends to use Castrum Occidens specifically as a tactical station, but did not elaborate on any extended use beyond the move against Garlean occupation of Eorzea. Ostulmsyn, however, had his own hard recommendation for what the Initiative should do with the captured Castrum: “For the good of the people of La Noscea, and the Realm, they most certainly should release the Castrum to the Alliance.”

The Commander continued, advising that “…Failure to release the Castrum at the Alliance’s request would likely spark action against the Initiative; particularly if their intentions with the Castrum appear to be misaligned with those of the Alliance.”

Such intentions and agreements between the alliance and the Initiative, however, Commander Ostulmsyn made clear he could not comment on, particularly the Initiative’s movement for the liberation of Ala Mhigo and Othard.


The Commander ended the interview with two statements, the first for Ser Von Sayrillont of Realmsward: “If you mean to sustain your streak of victories, extend hands to the Maelstrom. Then the Alliance overall if your sights extend beyond La Noscea. Alone, you’ve little chance of lasting victory. But together, we’ve a chance.” To the people of Vylbrand, Ostulmsyn gave a call of unity and service. “As a nation, we’ve a need to be cautious and ever watchful…All it takes is one misstep, one moment of weakness, to make or break a victory. So I ask you to keep your eyes open wide. Should you see something alarming, inform the authorities in your area. The more we know, the stronger our footing. ‘Til sea swallows all!”

Whether the Realmsward Initiative chooses to cede the spoils of its victory to the alliance or to maintain its hold, we cannot yet know. Regardless of how both the Alliance and the Initiative choose to proceed, we can only trust that their individual actions will be for the betterment of our realm as a whole.

Bringing the Blessings of the Traders to the Black Shroud

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Selathra Silversong

The Chronicle recently received word of a new chapel in the Twelveswood, devoted to the worship of Nald'thal and the Twelve in general. The Chapel of Saint Kokome Ul Kome has been established at the estate of the Free Company, the Drunken Moogle, in the Lavender Beds, Ward 4, Plot 8, Room 27. It is under the ministry of Father Dietrich Dracht, a priest of Ul'dah's Order of Nald'thal and Almoner of the Ul'dahn Almonry (not to be confused with Dietrich Dracht, Senior, the head of the Dracht Alchemical Emporium). Our reporter attended one of the Chapel's services this week and was able to speak with Father Dracht about his work.

Father Dracht tells the Chronicle that he plans to hold services every two weeks, for the benefit of Gridanians, Ul'dahn expatriates and other interested persons. While the services are primarily devoted to Nald'thal, the Traders, others of the Twelve are often mentioned in Father Dracht's services. He says, "Nald'thal is…not worshipped to the exclusion of the other Gods. You

may have noticed I made reference to the Builder and the Fury in my sermon. Nald'thal is the final of the Twelve. The only one to be created as a conscious act. The one to bring Balance. Between our tendency to create and our tendency to destroy, for one. It is impossible to tell that wonderful story without reference to the others. Including the deities that protect the other city-states."

There is clearly a demand for such services in the Shroud. This week's services were well attended by an appreciative crowd. The proceedings ran smoothly, consisting of prayers, a collection for the benefit of impoverished children, a reading and sermon and the final blessing and dismissal. The rousing sermon was on the subject of legacy, in which Father Dracht invited congregants to consider what accomplishments they will be able to look back on with pride by the time they die, emphasizing that it is never too early to think about this. Following the sermon, a couple of people approached the altar to voice

their thoughts about their personal legacy.

The Chapel itself is small, but well decorated and comfortable. The premises were provided at no cost by the Drunken Moogle, whose well-known bar is open downstairs following services. Proceeds from the collection go to the Ul'dahn Almonry, a charity operated by Father Dracht for the benefit of the "deserving poor". "Our support goes to projects that work for the betterment of people," says Dracht, "A vocational education for poor Ul'dahn youths, say. Or a proper future for the orphaned children of refugees."

Father Dracht also mentioned he may be seeking to employ adventurers in future to procure for the Chapel one of the relics of Saint Kokome Ul Kome. While these have been lost since the Calamity, they are believed to bestow powerful blessings and would be a fine addition to the Chapel.


Nymeia's Aid

By Lihli Nherusa

“Oh, um.. Hi? I hope this letter gets to you in one piece since I don’t really trust these moogles to take it and not read it. So! I seem to be having an issue that I’m unsure of how to deal with. You see. I’m in love with my best friend but he doesn’t love me but his friend loves me but I don’t love her because well, I don’t swing that way and to make matters worse, he loves her and she doesn’t like him that way because, yea, in to women and apparently me. So how can I get my friend to understand his efforts are in vain and that he should just pay attention to me or even another straight female? Also, does purple clash with brown?

Truly, what a lovely question! It is not often that I get asked about theory of colours and how to use them properly within the confines of an outfit.

Much of colour theory revolves around several different terms to instruct you on how to formulate colour sets: analogous, complementary, triadic, tetradic, quadrilateral, etc. For the purpose of this instruction, we will be taking an extensive look at quadrilateral colour combinations.

There are three primary colours: red, blue, and yellow. The secondary colours are orange, purple, and green. I am certain that you can see where I am going with such things. With each mix of the secondaries with primaries there are tertiary colours as well. Browns and purples may fall into either the secondary or tertiary colours depending on which shade you are wishing to use. Quadrilateral schemes take four of each colour that is directly across from each other; if you are picturing the colours as if on a wheel then it would be as if you stuck a square in the center of them and picked out the colours at each four points. For the example we are seeking, purple would be paired with both orange, blue, and yellow.

But you must not only think of these such things! You must also think of how the different shades work. It is inadvisable to pair a darker purple with a much darker brown. I advise you to stay away from muddying the colours too much with such things; if you pair a lighter purple with a darker brown, it will look wonderful! A paler purple and a doeskin? How lovely.

I wish you great luck with your fashion choices! As for your other matter, I have only one simple statement: speak to them as adults do.

May Nymeia guide you.

Seeking guidance of your own? Write to Nymeia's Aid using our dedicated moogle courier!

Spellguard Report

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Shio Maeda


Champions: Team Starside/Starbomb

Offense: Zigovali Rigovali, Astrologian and "King of Cards"
"Spellguard is a fantastic opportunity. Not for competitors alone, but for those wishing to hone their skills and study their art. Every time I compete, I learn something new about my capabilities; win or lose, every match is a lesson."

Defense: S'kye, arcanist
"Nothing is impossible! If a giant monster can live in the moon, you can do anything!"

Second Place: Women in Black
Offense: Edda Vincents, instinctual thaumaturge
Defense: Byldaigeim Tutylwyn, astrologian

-The use of a gravity manipulation spell cast by S'kye proved very useful to Team Starside in the first round. The resulting bubble could push, pull or absorb various projectiles, though it eventually collapsed. S'kye refrained from casting another so as to avoid damaging the battlefield.

-S'kye also showed the audience several unconventional uses of a carbuncle, such as a bat and a shield. The ruby carbuncle, affectionately known as "Brick", came out of the match unscathed to everyone's surprise.

-Zigovali's lavish displays of offensive astromancy, focusing on the use of cards rather than an Astroglobe, were only checked by his wife, overseer Shoshopu Shopu, whose straightforward and effective tactics nearly won the first round for her impromptu team with Ulemo Tesheremo.

For more information about Spellguard, turn to this page.

Fashion Show Wrap Up

By Shio Maeda

Two weeks ago [Editor's Note: at the charity fashion show], I had the pleasure of seeing Eorzea’s latest fashions. Each designer showcased fabulous ensembles!


Amna Yorwa had the honor of beginning the show. Her hopes were to achieve a “Leather Elegance.” Models Zeraia Reynard (left) and Itara Irispyre (right) presented these graceful pieces for us.

Kasumi Gakunin (below-left) and Etani’a Sedi (below-right) posed in beautiful, flowy garments, inspired by sylphs and sirens respectively, by VA Fashions. Vhaso’a Amariyo’s ensembles are meant to empower their wearers and motivate them to follow their dreams.


Andromeda Dulaque (below-left) and the mysterious “Xiv Fashion” (below-right) sport stylish designs. Simi Jinkjahl’s creations are formal and classy, the first being a rather dashing swallowtail coat ensemble, while the latter is a flashy midnight bustier.


Marques Blackstone, who I had the pleasure of meeting myself, chose to show off a range of fashions. Oleandre Torchier (left) donned not only a revealing leather piece, but a spear to drive his outfit home. Viola Seville’s (middle) outfit was specifically made for strong women, and Y’zhara Zekial (right) dazzled us with her “seductive, yet modest” ensemble.


Jeannot Fondebrodeur’s works are inspired by the whole of Hydaelyn - both its people and its nature. Rei Yukiko (left) sported a depiction of Plumeria, while Francette Dardenau (middle) danced as a Black Calla Lily. Sarah Garnidelia (right) represented the blue Iris.

Last, but certainly not least, we were offered depictions of the elements by Q’sehk Tia. Deahfel Pharasma (below-left) lit up the room with fiery armor, and surprised everyone by slipping it off to reveal an elegant skirt-and-top underneath. Q’sehk (below-middle) himself then presented a rather mysterious and icy ensemble. Finally, Etienne Clairemont (below-right) beautifully represented water.


Realmsward Initiative Tournament

By Lihli Nherusa


Champion: Nalli Blythe
Fighting Style: Arcanima
"Have fun while fighting. It brings out both that side of you willing to hold on to win the fight but enjoying a little dance with your opponent. I think some people forget that at these tournaments."

Second Place: Bebebop Bebop
Fighting Style: Astrologian

Though sorely lacking for participants compared to other times, this week's Realmsward tournament was certainly not lacking in flair! While there were many that used aether tonight there was only one who used.. a deck of cards? That's right! Bebebop Bebop, the runner-up, succeeded in landing a strong hit against one of her opponents by throwing her deck of cards at his face. Ouch!

A Siren’s Song

By K.

Sirens have long been a myth and legend of La Noscea, luring ship and sailors alike to a grim end upon the rocky coastline with hauntingly melodic voices. On the nineteenth sun of Llymlaen, three free companies will try to recreate this phenomenon with their production known as Sirens of the Sea. A collection of live performances most of which will feature bards and songstresses alike who will take a stab at not only capturing the minds and hearts of the audience but their purse strings as well.

Hosted by the West O’hteco of Crescent, Tufth’to Ananke of Fantasia Players and with performances by the songstress group WYNG this event will bring a bit of La Noscean magic to the sands of Thanalan. The venue, which is located in the Goblet at ward 4, Plot 42, will be serving food and drink along with this evening of merriment. Come for dinner and a show, stay for a chance to win one of three prize packages which are perfectly on theme with the night. Raffle tickets priced at five, ten and twenty thousand gil. Lastly, a special thanks to free company Red Crows for their patronage of the arts and a personal request. This reporter asks that those attending add a white rose to their attire as a symbol of hope and an open heart to the stories and memories to be made.

More information can be found on this flyer.

Grindstone Report

By Talman Chryses

Champion: W'chaza Yheli
Armed with: Borrowed Ul'dahn longsword, 40 ilm blade, 16 ilm hilt, 6 ilm crossguard, 3 ponzes in weight (by the champion's own estimation), and dagger
"Thank you to those who helped me these past moons and cycles; Leanne especially. I hope with these funds I acquired, I can get both decent traveling and plenty more apple tarts, chocolates, and other ingredients to use for cooking. Oh, and possible funds for new lodging! And a nice, fluffy, bed..."

Second Place: Soshin Sinner
Armed with: Leather-covered greatsword

-In the semifinals, Soshin Sinner was able to defeat the much more heavily armored Oswyn Carter by wrenching off the man's own helmet and beating him with it.
-W'chaza Yheli was well warmed up for the final, having spent much of the night locked in battle with another greatsword-wielding Xaela, Jinua Tumet.
-The two finalists seemed evenly matched and the fight could have gone either way as Sinner and Yheli rapidly landed blows on each other, but after being knocked down for the second time, Sinner was forced to yield.

Ceremony of Eternal Bonding

By Katsumi Kensaki

Ah! Spring is in the air. The flowers in Eorzea have blossomed and the trees have grown their leaves anew. Spring though also is time in some Eorzean cultures for a new beginning and what a better way to start a new beginning then with the one you love!

On the 5th Sun of Llymlaen, a splendid ceremony of eternal bonding took place between a beautiful couple. While there are many eternal bondings happening, this one event was specifically covered by The Crystal Chronicle once appropriate permission was granted, thus allowing the Chronicle exclusive access to the wedding. To the right we have the Groom and his amazing bride both of whom will be kept anonymous.

The Elezen groom fitted himself with a blue and black coat with a matching waistcoat, while keeping it classy with the stylish male knee-high boots (Ohh he looks so dashing I'm jealous of the bride). The Au Ra bride wore the traditional Eorzean wedding gown seen here but in light white and silver with a hint of violet.


The ceremony was officiated by this little moogle, or rather the biggest moogle there!

The entire hall was decorated in the finest wedding decorations, befitting of such a warm and loving celebration; from the blue and purple flower pots to the ornamental light up water lilies in the small streams surrounding the altar.


The wedding proceeded smoothly, with all guests in attendance and no troubles with the ceremony in any way. Below are a few memory images taken by none other than me Katsumi Kensaki with my crystal capture device. I hope you will enjoy them and congratulations to our new lovely husband and wife! May you walk in the light always.


109th Mystic Runestone

By Gillemont Lachapelle

Champion: Aleria Frostheart
Magic Style: Ice Magicks based on ‘Cryogenics’, lowering own internal temperature.
Quote from the champion: “Always carry around fire crystals…Seriously.”

Runner-Up: Sylvas Vairemont
Magic Style: Thaumaturge with a penchant for lightning aspected Aether.

Important Notation: Per Leah Layweaver, host of the 109th Mystic Runestone, competitors and fans alike can expect ‘something very interesting’ in the upcoming tournament!


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