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○ Edition #7 - Thaliak, 5th Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○


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Attack on Ishgardian Parliament -- Conspirators Arrested

By Talman Chryses

On the eve of the 29th Sun, armed conspirators in the guise of Temple Knights gained access to the Vault in Ishgard with the intent to create destruction and havoc by releasing a caged dragon. The plot was thwarted through a combined effort of the Houses of Parliament, the Temple Knights, and a number of Ishgardian civilians. The conspirators are believed by the government to be a remaining sect of followers of the wyrm Nidhogg's Horde. Most of them were arrested and two were killed in the conflict at the Vault. One loyal Temple Knight was also killed and she is currently being mourned. An investigation is underway to find any other persons who may have been involved.

A party including Iris Blanchimont, Aymeric de Borel and Iieha Beautemps investigatingthe cellars of the Vault.

Rumors about the attack have been circulating in Ishgard for the past week, but the Crystal Chronicle is now able to confirm the above facts, having spoken with a representative of the House of Lords. Lady Iris Blanchimont, member of the House of Lords on behalf of her house, responded to the Chronicle's request for comment and was able to provide details on the event and the government's response. She gave this description of the attack:

"Under the guise of Temple Knights, a small squad was able to bring in a large crate containing a drugged and abused amphiptere. Their intent was to release the creature as Parliament was in session, to run loose in the Vault and take as many lives as possible. At least one Temple Knight was killed, and so was the amphiptere."

The investigation that led to the timely prevention of the attack was made possible by a number of warnings sent to various members of Parliament. The source of these letters is unknown, but Lady Blanchimont suspects a disloyal member of the conspiracy. Once underway the investigation was led

Lord Speaker Aymeric de Borel suited for combat.

by various members of Parliament, along with the Lord Speaker, Aymeric de Borel. A group of civilians was also involved. Lady Blanchimont wanted to give special credit to Miss Andromeda Dulaque and her associates who led the investigation in the Brume, "without whom I do not know if Ishgard would stand today". The Scholasticate student Iieha Beautemps also proved to be an asset on the night of the attack.

The government believes that the conspirators were fanatical remnant of the supporters of Nidhogg and the Horde, who aimed to break the fragile peace that now exists between Ishgard and the Dravanians. Investigators are so far unsure how such people gained access to Temple Knight uniforms, or a dragon for that matter. The Inquisition, with its long experience in exposing conspiracy and heresy, will be charged with finding out the truth, as well as any accomplices that may still be at large. Parliament is also considering passing legislation to improve security in Ishgard, though the nature of this legislation is still up for debate.

When asked why Parliament has waited this long to inform the public of the attack, Lady Blanchimont had this to say: "We wanted to minimize how much was known to the public prior to the event, so as not to prompt our adversaries to change from the plan we already knew was in place. Since the attack, we've been desperately trying to make sure the safety of our informants was secured, to the best of our ability, before making a public statement."

Lady Blanchimont, speaking on her own behalf, wished to emphasize that the conspirators were not followers of Shiva, who themselves have been branded heretics in the past. "This was not a religious crime. This was a crime of people whose hearts are unable to know peace." In a nearly unprecedented statement for an Ishgardian official, she also extended her condolences to the dragons. "We lost a daughter of Halone in this brutal attack, and we honor and we mourn her. But so, too, did the Dragons lose a child of Bahamut. The amphiptere was as much a victim as any Ishgardian, and my heart goes out to dragons from Dravania to Meracydia who, too, lost someone in this senseless tragedy. Agree or disagree with their beliefs or their feelings, we cannot be blind to their loss." Blanchimont also said that the Lord Speaker stands firm with her on this conviction.

Nymeia's Aid

By Utsunqu'ur Berry

It saddens me to say that this week has seen no letters delivered to the Adytum’s estate. Though I know each week will not be blessed with the moogles or a deliverer at my door, my heart still sinks knowing that there are still others that yet need help but are afraid to reach out.

It is my hope with this issue to speak to the readers of something that has plagued me continually: the right to learn and to follow dreams. It may seem like such a small thing but one that many around Eorzea suffer with; it is one such reason that the Triumvirate program, which seeks to give skills and a working wage to those that need it, was instituted by my dear father.

When I first came to Eorzea, a small child upon my bloodmother’s hip, I knew not yet of what I would amount to when I was a grown woman. It was uncertain even if I would live to see the day. When my bloodmother fell ill, that uncertainty rose to new heights until we reached the Adytum. We lived there for a time and assisted with matters around the home, growing to love the word of Nymeia that was passed down to us, until my bloodmother passed on from her illness to be comforted by the Twelve in Their loving arms. My father, I know not, for I was left an orphan and only knew him from stories passed on to me.

That uncertainty returned once more and blew steady like an ill-fated gust of wind to push a ship into craggy rocks. Yet just as Llymlaen takes pity upon that ship, so too did the Berry family of Nymeia’s Adytum. It was their name that I took upon myself, growing to be their heir though I was not more than an orphan and certainly not one of their blood with their smooth skin compared to mine heavy with scales.

However, in their infinite kindness, they gave me a dream: to one day take upon myself the mantle of which they owned and which I was blessedly brought into, the Adytum. It was through them that I was given an education and learned to lead, learned how to manipulate the aether- and some tricks besides- as well as how to protect myself through defensive maneuvers. Never was I given offensive training and though I respect their decision, I feel in my heart as if that hurts me now. Though I am much content with what I have learned, there is ever the burden carried in my mind that my lack of an ability to properly defend myself will one day hurt others.

I have taken it upon myself to seek out those who might teach me otherwise, some small skill that I may wield in defense of myself rather than the way I already know, to flee with as little damage done to myself as possible. I never wish to place the burden upon others to defend me, never content in the knowledge that while I may be safe another might be hurt. So, I seek to learn.

Yet not all are as lucky as I have been, to have been brought into a warm and loving family, given unto myself the things necessary in life to succeed and a business to do so with. Though the Adytum tries to follow these principles, it is my concern that we can not assist everyone. That our voices will not reach everyone. So I reach out to you now.

Whatever you may wish to learn, whether it be skills to defend yourself or to write, to hunt or to read, to have your voice be heard amongst many or none at all... Seek it. You need only have the desire to do so and the courage to follow your dreams towards the goals you’ve kept hidden inside yourself. Ever are we changing and pushing forward here in Eorzea and we should not do ourselves any injustice by refusing to pursue skills that could otherwise benefit ourselves and others.

It is my hope that some will read this and some more may spread the word to others: succeed. Educate yourselves and succeed in life here in Eorzea. Help yourself to be able to help others.

May Nymeia guide you.

Seeking guidance of your own? Write to Nymeia's Aid using our dedicated moogle courier!

Wandering Thoughts: Limsa Lominsa

By Henriette Arouet

I have a special place in my heart for Limsa Lominsa. It’s a city much to the image of its inhabitants. Proud and Free. Rowdy for sure, but earnest and solid. A rock that will resist the crushing waves of the sea. They have no patience for the weak, but should you prove yourself worthy you’ll find people you can depends on through thick and thin.

Limsa Lominsa was founded around the year 875. Exiled Sea Wolves fleeing the rule of tyrants arrived in what they would come to call La Noscea. The land seemed hospitable but they soon discovered that it was claimed by a race of beastmen called the Kobold. There would start an enmity between the two people that continues even today. The sheer number of Kobold made it clear they could not hold any land in La Noscea. They decided to build their city on a series of small island and reefs that they bridge together. Thus Limsa Lominsa was born.

The foundation of Limsa was not done in an abundance of resources, far from it. The Kobold denying them access to the land, they turned to the sea for sustenance. Fishing came first. Piracy was a close second. They secured a source of wood near the island, and built mighty ships. No ships were safe from the sea wolves, but their favorite targets were merchants. First they looted life’s necessities, but soon enough they had enough plunder to trade to other countries. Thus, piracy was the cornerstone of their economy. It still is, after a fashion.

Time passed and Limsa prosperity lured more people to the city. Hyur and Seekers of the Sun most notably. As the city grew, feuds for territory or the division of plunder began to appear more and more frequently until 963. The streets were red with blood and it looked like Limsa was going to implode on itself. This is when the Agatzahr, the first Admiral, put forth the pirate codes. It is unclear how he convinced the other crews to adhere to the code, but they agreed to those simple laws: No crew would cheat another of its plunder, nor rob a fellow Lominsan, nor sell fellow men into slavery. To enforce the code, the Upright Thieves were founded, an organization formed of the best men of each crews. To break the code was to meet an early death somewhere in a back alley.

Thus some kind of order was restored to Limsa. The admiral then put a tax on the plunder to be able to fund the Lominsan Army, The Knights of the Barracuda. The Knights laid claim on most of La Noscea. Limsa Lominsa entered an era of prosperity.

As the admiral grew old he became worried about the selection of his successor. He decided that every seven years, a captain interested to become admiral, would enter his crews in a competition called the Trident. The winning crew’s captain would become the new admiral.

The Trident was used to determine the next admiral for nearly 600 years, until Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn. Her rule now has long passed the prescribed seven years, she shows no signs of re-instating the Trident. Nonetheless, she’s a very competent ruler, brought profound changes to Limsa Lominsa. The first and foremost was to outlaw piracy. She replaced it with Privateering. A fancy word that means you can plunder Garleans. The plunder from the Garlean ships are still taxed. Vessels from the Eorzean alliance are safe, and the Garlean ships are sunk. Everyone wins, and it allowed Limsa to join the Eorzean Alliance. She established the Maelstrom. She managed to deal with both Titan and Leviathan by engaging the companies of heroes.

Be fearless,
Have no regrets,
And listen to the wind.

CERN Launches New Airship

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Shio Maeda

The Carteneau Etherique Recherche Network (CERN) finished preparation of their new airship this week. Members of the extended network of scientists and explorers gathered at the organization's headquarters in the Lavender Beds to celebrate the launching of the vessel on its maiden voyage.


The airship will allow CERN to expand its operations to more remote areas of Eorzea. Natsumi Montenbelt, head of exploration, told the Chronicle that they were considering using the airship to explore Abalathia's Spine, though the specific details of CERN missions are initially kept secret. R'lexia Thras, director of CERN, expressed excitement at the completion of the project, which had been in the works for many moons, and gave credit to the whole network for their assistance.

After the reception, attendees proceeded to CERN's workshop for a naming ceremony. Finecia Hawke, head of spelunking, made the announcement. "The name represents the one thing we hope to achieve with our efforts in accelerating science and inevitably, preventing the next calamity. It also represents the one hope we have for establishing this family. A place to call home. The S.S. Serenity! May the founders bless her sails."

Following the naming, the new airship was sent on its way without any issues. At the time of writing, no explosions have been reported.

Saint Reinette's University and Orphanage

By Fibius Mistwood, Pictures By Shio Maeda

My story about Stellazzo Pizzeria had published in the paper and I found a need to work a different angle three weeks later. Searching far and wide for a story that I could really get behind, and let me tell you, it was not easy, I sought things of interest in Limsa Lominsa but nothing really turned up aside from whispers of brawls and fights. I found nothing of interest in Gridania, either. It was far too peaceful! Not that I am not thankful. I resolved to continue on, surely Ul'dah would have some form of interest. Between whispers of the latest Grindstone results and reports of women’s underwear going missing in the Goblet, I stumbled upon a well dressed Miqo'te woman by the name of Higura Gainishigi. Ms. Gainishigi operates as the Matron and Headmistress of Saint Reinette's University and Orphanage. The University and Orphanage is located in the Lavender Beds. (Ward 2, Plot 33) I was afforded the opportunity to speak with Gainishigi one-on-one about the much talked-about University and Orphanage.


Fibius Mistwood: “Can you give me some details regarding what this place is for? You mentioned it was a University for Impoverished Youths?"

Higura Gainishigi: "Saint Reinette's University and Orphanage was founded over a year ago, on the fact that Eorzea needed a solid center for education. Primarily, this is a school that provides anywhere from four to six classes a week, along with student clubs, and additional activities provided by staff. The university has some secondary uses as well, such as our Magitek Engineering lab; staffed by the Research and Development team, and our free clinic. While it may be a bit of a shock, everyone deserves education, regardless of age, nation, employment status.. So thus, any facilities or services will never cost money here."

F.M.: "What drove you, on a personal level, to open such an establishment?"

H.G.: "It was a mix of a lot of factors that led to the creation of this place. My upbringing in Meracydia, my involvement in the Battle of Carteneau, seeing how greed and corruption influenced people. Chiefly, I was a magitek instructor at a prior academy over a year ago. The Headmaster sought to run the school 'for profit', and the students and staff suffered for it. I promised myself, and Eorzea that I would never be that man. I would build something better than he ever dreamed of."


F.M.: "So you've become a non-profit?"

H.G.: "As.. difficult as it is, yes. Funding something this big, out of pocket; without reliance upon investors or tuition is no small undertaking. I'm not a wealthy woman, but I'm a very shrewd businesswoman; and my tight budget has kept us going thus far. For how much longer though, I am unsure."


F.M.: "Do you accept students from all walks of life.. Say... what if one of our staff needed a proper education. Could we enroll them here?"

H.G.: "We accept students from anywhere and everywhere, yes. Folks are allowed to enter and observe lessons when notices go out over the linkshell; or the class roster is pinned to the noticeboard. However, if a student wishes to engage in school clubs and the additional activities we offer; as well as living on premise.. I'd need to submit them to our enrollment."

F.M.: “What curriculum do you offer?"

H.G.: "The University is supposed to offer a wide variety of lessons. However, hiring teachers is a little more difficult than it used to be. As of current, we offer Combat training; with Ser Renlador Nevay, Thaumaturgy lessons with Winter Valentine, Eorzean History with Cicineru Vivineru, and cooking class with A'rhecce Mohrah. It was my intention to add a Drama class, as the school often puts on theater performances... and we used to have a literature instructor, as mentioned before. I hope I can find someone for Arcanima, Engineering, arts and crafts; medical training.. so on and so forth."

Saint Reinette's also takes in and houses those orphaned by the calamity or wars elsewhere. They have dormitories to house them and a large kitchen with which to feed them while they seek education for a better future. Naturally, refugees from other nations require a bit of documentation in order to validate their stay. She had told me in regards to being an Orphanage, "The calamity may have happened eight years past, but its effects are still felt to this day. ... I only hope I can ease that burden in some small way."

In short, Ms. Gainishigi is a hard working, noble soul doing what she can to help those from an age that left them forgotten and the building in which their university is housed is absolutely breathtaking. They are currently hiring staff to help bolster the lessons they can teach as well as accepting students!

All lessons taught can lead to a possible job with the university itself too! Very clearly an establishment with a better future in mind!

Editor's Note: For more information, please check their flier.

Grindstone Results: Moon Kito defeats Percival Turner

By Talman Chryses


This week's Grindstone drew a large crowd of over eighty contestants and many more onlookers. The tournament began with a warning against try to drown your opponent in the Wash, which has been an issue in previous weeks. The Wash bracket always takes place in Fesca's Wash itself, leading to some unusual handicaps and tactics, but as ever, potentially lethal attacks are not permitted.

The two who rose to the top this week were Percival Turner, a Hyuran master swordsman and Grindstone veteran, and Moon Kito, a bare-fisted Miqo’te who was competing in the Grindstone for the first time.

Moon Kito made it to the finals by defeating the deceptively adorable knife-wielding Riku Noku. Riku proved to be the only opponent able to not only withstand Kito's trademark headbutt but return it as well. In the end, however, Kito was able to use her superior size and weight to pin Riku to the ground, after which he yielded the fight.

Turner approached the semi-finals via a drawn-out fight with the Sultansworn Randis Rembrandt. Both were heavily armored, Turner fighting with a claymore, Rembrandt with sword and shield. Rembrandt seemed more inclined to use her shield as a second weapon than for defense, repeatedly throwing it at Turner. After a fine display of swordplay, Rembrandt was knocked to the ground, and Turner continued on to face the pugilist Nataru Hirano, who had emerged as champion of the Wash bracket. The unusual match-up of fists against greatsword was just one of many in this week's competition. Hirano proved so adept at avoiding attacks that she developed a crowd of supporters. However, the leather-clad Miqo'te could not avoid everything Turner had to throw at her and eventually became too wounded and exhausted to continue.

The final fight between Kito and Turner was another long battle and once again pitted fists against steel. Some of the crowd had already dispersed by this

point as the hour was becoming lately. As the remaining onlookers cheered, the two combatants repeatedly dodged and blocked each other's attacks, falling to the ground only to rise again, with Turner carefully protecting his unarmored head. But the longer the battle raged, the more chances Kito had to land a decisive blow. When she finally got the chance to deliver a punch to the face that Turner was not able to avoid, the fight was over.

Turner had said before the fight, "It wouldn't be the first time I'd be up against a first timer in the finals. Also, won't be the first time for me to lose to one in the finals, should that happen." As for Kito, she accepted her prize, thanked the arbiters and disappeared into the night, though not without announcing her intention to return in future weeks.

For more information on the Grindstone, turn to this page.

(Left) Moon Kito, Grindstone winner, (above) Percival Turner, runner-up

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