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○ Edition #9 - Thaliak, 19th Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○


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Upcoming Persona Series: Von Sayrillont

By Utsunqu'ur Berry, Additional Reporting by Noah Ronsenburg, Pictures By Shio Maeda and Noah Ronsenburg


It warms my heart to tell that there are many and more events to attend nowadays in the lands of Eorzea: tournaments, contests, balls and charity auctions, date nights and cabarets. If one were ever bored, I could not attest as to why when there is much to do. Each day, a new flier pops up or a word is whispered upon the winds of some new upcoming event, heralded by a newcomer that may or may not be known to us already.

One of such people is Von Sayrillont: a sharp Elezen woman hailing from Ishgard with a knack for diplomacy and the will and charm to speak to a crowd and capture their attention. Sir Von Sayrillont has begun the long trek towards instituting this new organization: The Realmsward Initiative. The Initiative’s aim is to gather all such adventurers, soldiers, information gatherers, healers, and all others so that we might form an organized group and take back that which Garlemald has ripped from our grasp. Through fliers posted around many of the city-states, Von Sayrillont of the Initiative proclaims, boldly, “The realm needs YOU to prepare to fight against the empire!” Indeed, the realm does need able-bodied fighters and more to discourage the growing Imperial issue.

Sayrillont in conversation

And so, with hopes of discovering more information about the Realmsward Initiative, I sat down with Sir Von in her personal chambers. Despite my initial reservations, contacting the Elezen woman was easy and her words kind; she welcomed me into her home with great ease and I, safe in the knowledge that she was someone with great honour, went gladly along. Through our discussion, I learned that the Initiative is seeking not only soldiers and adventurers but crafters and traders as well; indeed, it is easy to imagine thus that a growing organization would need others to support those that fight. Despite what seems much like a dream born from a recent swell of tournament events, and long-standing ones such as Grindstone, Sir Von acknowledges that the Initiative’s goal is much deeper and not without risk. There has been an uprising of voices condemning the Initiative’s goals, leading some to believe that Sir Von Sayrillont is merely leading others to their deaths; even more, some question the decision of forming a new organization when the Grand Companies are already so fractured. When questioned upon such, she exhibited such grace and diplomacy in her response: “ … we will be working closely with them to help achieve the goal we set out to give, after all.. For example, look back upon the Dragonsong [War].. it was named an eternal war, and many of my countrymen, including themselves, thought the war unwinnable until our gates were opened. The brave efforts of many adventurers were a great contribution to the war effort and helped bring a conflict to an end that could have spanned for many more generations to come.” Another succinct response from Sir Von concluded that working together may prove a vital asset: “The empire may be a bigger threat, but working alongside the companies, the Initiative can help better coordinate strikes and help where the companies can’t. It will cover a lot more ground and we will be able to do a lot more. It may be a small difference in the eyes of some but it could very well be a difference that turns the tide of the coming conflicts in the alliance’s favour.”


Truly, I could not have asked for better reassurances from the leader of the Initiative. Though I suspect we will see if her words prove to be true, my doubts are temporarily stayed. When asked about the upcoming tournaments, which will be a regular weekly event now, she stated that they are designed to boost morale and to attract more potential recruits to the Initiative. Though she took inspiration from the popular Grindstone and Runestone events, Sir Von has said that she will set her tournament apart by encouraging the use of both martial prowess and magical technique. Not only may we look forward to the continued tournament, of which there is a hefty prize attached for the winner, but we may all look forward to other varied events.

If any still have doubts, I pray that you seek our Sir Von Sayrillont yourself. Her words ring true and echo with many a heart in Eorzea. To entice others to reach out to her, she gave

one final and powerful statement: “It is a chance to strike back at those who have taken so many from us already.. mothers, fathers, children who haven’t even grown up to see their homeland. It isn’t a dream shared just by me.. I know many out there share the want to reclaim their homes. With our Initiative combined with the might of the Grand Companies, our dream can be further turned into a reality.”

To Sir Von Sayrillont, I commend you. It ever warms my heart to see others act out of need to help regain what is lost. Charitable, in ways that we do not always acknowledge. I am certain that those in Eorzea will be keeping an eye on her and any such readers that wish to contact her, simply look for the fliers around the city-states.

((See more on the Realmsward Initiative and the fliers that are posted around the city-states by going here))

Spellguard Contestants Get Creative

By Talman Chryses and Deidra Rose

Spellguard is a weekly magic tournament in which teams of two must attempt to defeat the opposite team by disabling their magitek shield generator through tactical spellcasting. Teammates must work together in order to emerge victorious, usually taking turns to attack and defend. Since the tournament has few rules beyond the basic rules against killing and forbidden magics, competitors have the opportunity to weave the aether in whatever way they see fit, making for a very entertaining display.

Both teams displayed a similar dynamic. Vincents and Nharuya would each attack with very creative and stylized spells, and Teken'ghym and Covey would follow up with considered and straightforward defenses. Vincents, who described herself as a practitioner of instinctual thaumaturgy, produced a number of novel fiery effects, including a spinning disc of fire used as a projectile, a rain of liquid embers and a fire-breathing attack which proved dangerous and exhausting to the caster. While Vincents stayed in one place, Nharuya moved around the battlefield energetically incorporating dance into a spell to consolidate umbral-aspected ether and vaulting at his opponent's shield generator to deliver an attack with his staff.

Hells' Angels, (from left) Edda Vincents and Baeyl Teken'ghym

On the defensive side, Teken'ghym used a measured approach and the application of aetherological principles to counter Nharuya's attacks, countering fire with ice, and even using a basic spell to disarm Nharuya at one point. Her counterpart, the conjurer Covey, proved adept at using the natural sand and rock of the Mist to create barriers against Vincents' firey onslaught. Covey's barriers took time to form, however, and eventually he was caught off guard by a wind-based spell from Vincents that threw Nharuya across the field of battle, striking both Covey and his team's shield generator, ending the match.

The Hells' Angels were pleased with their first win at Spellguard, and the good competition, despite the low turnout and announced their intention to compete in future tournaments. Vincents wanted to dedicate her victory to Leonnaux Altoix -- her boyfriend. Teken'ghym, who takes a problem-solving approach to magic, had these words of wisdom for the public: "When a situation seems difficult, keep your mind clear and your eyes forward."

(from left) Josiah Covey and Jun'to Nharuya

This week's Spellguard saw just two teams enter the tournament, who immediately faced off to determine who would be the champions. Despite the low turnout, the audience did not want for entertainment, as the attackers on both teams showed a talent for elaborate and dramatic spell-casting. The winning team was made up of Edda Vincents on offense and Baeyl Teken'ghym on defense. Calling themselves the Hells' Angels, the two women were able to triumph over other team, formed on the spot by Jun'to Nharuya and Josiah Covey.

The Crystal Chronicle was able to sit down with Shoshopu Shopu, who runs Spellguard, and discuss the event in more detail. The previous tournament had been the twenty-fifth anniversary of the team sport and attracted six teams. According to Spellguard’s listing, the victors of the special event were Subtle Raptor and Giovanni Faust, walking away with prize money and a pair of adamantoise hatchlings. When asked about the significance about the adamantoise, Shoshopu discussed her adamantoise, Popoto, who had turned into something of a mascot for the tournament along with being the smallest member of her herd, raised by Shoshopu’s nomadic family.


Spellguard was conceived by Jujuwai, Shoshopu’s brother, developing portable aetheric shield generators which allowed for the siblings and their friends to spar with each other safely. This inspired Shoshopu into developing it into a game which developed rules and eventually became the Spellguard tournament known today. With strict rules against intent to maim or kill along with restrictions on forbidden magics - examples include void and black magics, Spellguard acts as a safe and fun tournament where combatants can partake in teamwork and training. When asked about safety precautions for the tournament itself, Shoshopu noted that herself or her husband were sufficient, since the shield generators are quite effective as long as contestants stay within their range and don’t hit their head on them - as was witnessed at this week’s event.

Popularity for the event seems to fluctuate, generally dependant on what else is happening around Eorzea at the time. However, Spellguard boasts a group of regulars, including Nharuya and Covey, who have both won in the past. Some of the regulars have gone on to join the Maelstrom 81st Foreign Levy - Shoshopu’s Free Company captained by Rhesh’ir Zhwan, though it was noted that Spellguard was not an official 81st activity, but was supported through friendship. The 81st was among those who helped to defeat the recent summoning of Leviathan.

Shoshopu told us that there were potentially plans for Hatching-Tide in the works, but refrained from giving us anymore than that. She also added: “I'm very thankful for the interest Spellguard receives, and I'm especially glad to hear when people enjoy themselves. It makes the magical exercise that much more engaging. It's heartening to see so many schools of magic not only come together, but work together, too."

More Spellguard information can be found on this page.

Nymeia's Aid

By Utsunqu'ur Berry

To Miss Berry
I write to you today because I find myself at something of a pause. I lead a Free company, and am myself a warrior. I lead men and women in adventure, standard fare sort of stuff. I'm unsure of how I can move forward at some points. One may say that scared would be an applicable term for my state, and I would not argue with their point.

I wake up every morning knowing that there are folk who look up to me for guidance, and would be willing to follow commands should I give them. I am far from a natural born leader, and the thought crushes my nerves. It gives me pause to know that these folk put their faith in me, perhaps even trust me to lead them to a better tomorrow. I fear that I'll fail them in some way, and that my trepidation may be the cause of their downfall.

If that made any real sense, pray, can you provide any insight into ways I might quell these worries?
The Black Bear

You need not worry if your words made sense or otherwise, for this is a common difficulty that I find many people in leadership positions deal with. Myself as well though in lesser quantities, having been raised to know that leading is what I would one day do.

Fear is an apt word for what you are feeling. Secure in the knowledge that there are those that would follow you to the ends of Eorzea in this Company that you’ve organized, many and more insecurities seep in elsewhere. Fear that you will

not be able to live up to their expectations, fear that you will lose the respect that your followers give you.. Fear that you may lead them to an adventure that some may not come back from. They put their faith in you, they gamble upon the chance of success under your lead and you risk failure in them doing so.

In leading the Adytum through the many things that has happened to us, through seeing my father and mother do the same, I have learned of failure. When the Calamity struck and we lost our home, many family members and others who had been with the organization for quite some time were displaced or otherwise perished in the aftermath; it is a difficult thing to watch and acknowledge, to think that in some way you could have done somewhat more. Yet failure is not the end and nor was it for the Adytum.

Fear is not what you should be worried for; fear keeps one going and pushes them towards their goal should one know how to control it. To be scared is natural: to not let it deter you, difficult though not impossible. Instead, focus on acknowledging that failure may happen -- you can not stop that -- and learn how to save those still left. Use your fear to make preparations for all kinds of failure and you will be doing your duty by your Company. They’ve put their faith in you for a reason.

May Nymeia guide you.

Seeking guidance of your own? Write to Nymeia's Aid using our dedicated moogle courier!

Adventurer's Hollow

By Mr.Elric

Some people lead the life of a fashionista, others still are gourmands, collectors, and merchants, but discussion of these topics is neither here nor there. Today, I wish to share with you a new perspective, a life of excitement and peril, of chivalry and danger, a life without bounds to lords and masters, where the stakes are high but the rewards prove greater. Today, I speak of the life of an adventurer! As a veteran adventurer and writer of the column, I Mr.Elric would like to personally welcome you to The Adventurers Hollow, a column for those who are interested in the ways of adventuring. Before we begin allow me to orient you dear readers with the content I shall be presenting. Each week shall contain a run-down of various caves, pits, holy grounds, ruins and whatever other manner of dungeon lurks about the realm, as complimentary pieces there will also be a monster of the week and I will also share various rumors heard about the realm for those wishing for an adventure of their own. In the future I would also like to answer questions provided by veterans and novices alike. Now then without further ado, let us move on to our first segment!

The Depths of Eorzea: This week I would like to discuss the ins and outs as they say of a cave I am sure most adventurers have seen in their early days, I am of course speaking of the Sastasha Seagrot. Many a young or inexperienced adventurer come to this sea swept cave to make a name for themselves and sink their teeth into something more exciting than combating with the local Dodo population famous to Western La Noscea. The first thing any intrepid adventures will notice is that upon entering are the coral formations that cover the wall. This is because depending on the time of day the seagrot is filled to the brim with water impeding the progress of adventures. At times such as these more experienced adventurers find themselves entering to face off against the more powerful wavekin that come in with the tides. Wavekin in general are the typical quarry you will find within the seaswept cave and include things such as Aurelia Jellyfish, Orobons, Giant Clams and Shell Fossil crabs, however it should be noted that Sahagin are known to spawn within the deep recesses of the cave system, and at high tide, greater beasts such as the dreaded Karlabos Sea Scorpion can potentially be prowling the area. Other threats include potential pirates, holding up within to hide from the watchful eye of the Maelstrom, and cave bats. As a tip for novice adventurers who wish to find potential treasures, it is said that pirates often leave behind notes and speak in code to confide their locations with their associates so be on the lookout for suspicious scraps of paper and the like. The seagrot is a fine place to begin one’s adventuring days and to try and challenge the beasts from the deep that the high tides bring in later in one’s own career and can be easily recommended to adventures of all skill levels.

Monster Report: Continuing on the topic of monsters and areas in La Noscea, many monsters and beasts skulk about looking to prey upon travelers of all sorts however today I would wish to speak of mayhaps the most infamous creature found in La Noscea. A beast best known to lurk in the darkest corners, stepping lightly through the gloom , and characterized by their ominous hooded figure briefly by their victims before a sharp pain to the back. I am of course speaking of the ever eerie and mysterious knife wielding lurkers of the dark known as tonberries. The tonberry is most commonly found wandering about Nymian ruins and only noticed when it is far too late to react. These creatures from firsthand experience and secondhand accounts have several interesting characteristics about them in terms of appearance. All tonberries are of a greenish complexion with well defined beady yellow eyes and stubby limbs. They wear a hooded robe, have a fishtail and are no taller than the average hyurs’ knee, but do not be fooled by their small stature as a sign of weakness. These devilish creatures also wield what can only be described as a cooking knife which is their personal weapon of choice. They sneak about the darkness hoping to catch prey of any sort by stabbing them in the back after sneaking up on them. Eerier still is the fact that killing even one tonberry creates a disturbing grudge that manifests itself in all other tonberries, leading some scholars to speculate if they have some form of hivemind. Other interesting tidbits are the mysterious lanterns they carry throughout their travels. Wouldn’t such a thing give away their position in the dark? Mayhap it is to misguide travelers and bring them to their den? Some even rumor that such lanterns house the souls of their victims heating the flames of torment, though this is simply speculation. Other points of speculation are the origins of such a creature, some think they are voidsent, others think they are the tormented souls of the Nymian people of long ago. Whatever their origins, the tonberry is a terrifying beast and great caution and strategy is advised if you dare venture to Nymian ruins or choose to engage them.

Rumors of the Realm: Many rumors and whispers travel across the winds, but this week one rumor in particular has caught my attention. Long ago in a bygone era there was once a thief of great skill and valor. He was a bold and daring adventurer much like you and I, but his motives were fueled by a corrupting greed and paranoia. His greed and distaste for humanity led to corruption and insanity which resulted in the man hiding his treasure about the realm with distorted magic, and mysterious coffers. Some say this magic formed a world of greed and glory, to the few who whisper its name it is known as the Aquapolis. Supposedly, when finding these coffers one can potentially open a gateway to this mysterious realm of treasure though none of these claims have been truly substantiated. How would one even go about finding such coffers? Did the thief leave behind clues to such a place? What riches would this realm possibly yield? No one knows, and the answers to these questions may never be known. If any truth comes of these rumors I will be sure to update you all.

Adventurer of the Week: This week I chose to find the adventurer for the week on my own as this is my first installment of this column no one could truly participate through the usual channels so I chose to enter the Realmsward tournament and truth be told, I was knocked out by the end of the first round, but in that first round I met a truly marvelous and brave young woman by the name of Ys’nir Seikatsu. Despite a rather even battle, I was promptly defeated by her swift and agile martial arts skills. From that moment forward I could feel the potential of a winner. She fought with valor and honor and, sure enough, took the tournament by storm and rose to the top! Impressed by her amazing victory, I decided to interview her briefly on her victory and what advice she could give to all of us in the adventuring field. Upon being asked why she began adventuring, she replied by explaining that she wishes to free her homelands of Ala Mhigo and bring about justice. As for advice to fellow adventurers, she said that it is best to always set a goal for yourself you can achieve one day and keep working up to greater and grander things as well as to make sure you know what you are getting into before you start going on any adventures or choose to pursue the lifestyle as adventuring is not for everyone. I think we can live by this advice and I hope this week’s adventurer of the week inspires you all to do bigger and greater things.

Well then, fellow adventurers, it would seem this week’s column has unfortunately come to a close, my candles grow short and my ink has run dry. I hope you have all found this column interesting and useful for preparing your next venture or informing you of things you may not have been aware of. If you think you have an interesting adventuring exploit you would like to share with me or ask a question to be answered in next week’s column then feel free to contact our dedicated moogle courier and I will get back to you shortly. Until then dear readers, Keep safe, Plan ahead, and of course happy adventuring!

- Sincerely, Mr.Elric.

Grindstone Veteran Jahan Nejem wins Fourth Championship

By Talman Chryses

This week's Grindstone saw two experienced fighters square off in the finals. The greatsword-wielding Jahan Nejem ended up defeating the rapier-wielding Mhojji Nakshatrah, becoming Grindstone champion for the fourth time in the tournament's history.


Nejem, an officer of Gridania's Twin Adders, proved himself as fearsome an opponent as ever in the earlier rounds, starting off in the Bridge bracket. After defeating the Crystal Chronicle's own advice columnist Utsunqu'ur Berry (fighting with book, boot and inkwell!) he found himself up against Grindstone regular Keira Rioux. Rioux managed to penetrate Nejem's defenses with a well-aimed dagger strike, but ended up falling victim to Nejem's devastating headbutt, as Berry had done before her.

As Nejem and Rioux were fighting, the Miqo'te swordswoman Mhojji Nakshatrah told the Chronicle that of the two, she'd rather be up against Rioux's daggers than Nejem's greatsword. Unfortunately for her, it was Nejem who won the place opposite her in the finals. Nevertheless, she put up a fine fight, deftly dancing around Nejem, forcing him to use his wide blade to shield against her attacks, never swinging it, but always using the pommel to strike back. But even without swinging his sword, Nejem showed superior endurance and was able to eventually subdue Nakshatrah with repeated blows with his pauldrons and elbows.

After many long fights that night, Nejem was exhausted by the end of the match. Having been presented with the championship prize yet again, he had this to say: "I am honored to have fought such a skilled opponent Miss Mhojji. And also I express my warmest thanks to those who staff these grounds."

The Realmsward Tournament! A Quick Guide

By Talman Chryses

What is it? A weekly combat tournament for Disciples of War and Magic.

Its purpose: To train and recruit for the Realmsward Initiative, a paramilitary force that will work with the Eorzean alliance to liberate Garlean-controlled territories in upcoming military campaigns. Once recruitment is complete, small strike teams will be formed to assault key locations in Eorzea. Led by Von Sayrillont, the Initiative is looking for both individuals and companies who can provide soldiers, mages, healers, spies and crafters along with supplies and information.

Where: Behemoth's Dominion, Coerthas Central Highlands. Von Sayrillont is also available to discuss anything related to the campaign at the Mist, Ward 6, Plot 27. [Correction, the article originally gave the wrong address.]

When: The tournament takes place at 9pm EST 6th Sun of every week. This coming week, there will be an additional meeting at the Observatorium in the Coerthas Central Highlands 3rd Sun of this coming week at 7pm EST to discuss and plan the Initiative's first missions.

Results so far:
First tournament winner: Srah Shadowcat
Second tournament winner: Ys’nir Seikatsu (See Mr.Elric's article above)


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