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○ Edition #1 - Halone, 22nd Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○

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"I Want To Be Your Canary" Thrills Audiences!

By Yoyowazu Lolowazu

Marcus and friends face off against King Leo

"O, love is the sweetest joy and the wildest woe" --just one of the moving lines of "I Want To Be Your Canary", the new play that is taking Eorzea's theatre-going public by storm. Brought to the stage by theatre troupe A Stage Reborn at their theatre in The Black Shroud's Lavender Beds, the play has surpassed all expectations by attracting many hundreds of patrons.

Queues circled the troupe's Lavender Beds venue on the 30th, as excited patrons waited to get a chance to see the play, calling for encore performance after encore performance. In a show of impressive endurance, the actors were willing to oblige. The Crystal Chronicle was there in the audience, and can report that the performance lives up to the buzz

surrounding it, despite certain reviews published in certain tabloids.

Overall, we can report a very polished performance that went off with nary a hitch, aside from an interruption near the start by a couple of diminutive black mages. It was hard to tell whether this upset was staged, but the audience certainly loved it.

The play is a classic tragedy, recounting the story of two lovers, a princess and a pauper, whose love threatens the plans of the King to broker peace with a neighboring kingdom by way of a political marriage. The actors showed impressive range, shifting between lightning-fast stage combat and contemplative romantic scenes. This was especially apparent in

the performance of Rayle Kyver in the lead role of Marcus. The Chronicle would also like to commend Rix Yuaz for his nuanced portrayal of Blank, bringing pathos to an antagonistic role.

We must also give credit to the director, Wanderer Sabaku, for his vision in devising this production. Lighting was of a quality seldom seen in Eorzean theatre, with very effective use of spotlighting. The musical score also added a lot to the performance, though the use of a popular Ishgardian song at one point seemed a little out of place.

All in all, an impressive performance, produced by a skilled cast and crew and well worth seeing. At this juncture, we think it's safe to declare this the show of the season.

Cast and crew of theatre troupe A Stage Reborn present themselves to a cheering audience

Eorzea Garden Celebrates Grand Opening

By Talman Chryses

This ((January 1st, 2016)) marked the opening of a new center of education in Eorzea, the Eorzea Garden. Faculty, enrolled and prospective students and members of the wider community gathered at the Garden's campus at 5th Ward of the Mist, La Noscea to celebrate the occasion. Speeches and fireworks preceded a meet-and-greet for questions and networking. Headmistress Evelynn Koizumi presided over the festivities.

The Eorzea Garden provides a comprehensive education for youth, who are to live on campus, training in a wide variety of disciplines, including hand to hand combat, exploration and survival, scouting, animal husbandry, sailing, magical disciplines, etiquette, and even extending to subjects as Doman language and culture. The institution boasts a diverse and experienced staff that enables them to make these offerings, many of whom were on hand to greet students and answer questions at the opening.

The Garden has a further purpose, beyond the education of its students, and this is the establishment of an elite task force, known as SeeD, which graduates are typically expected to join. As members of SeeD, graduates of the Garden will "go forth, See And Discover", providing aid where it is needed across Eorzea, with an eye towards combating the encroachment of the Garlean empire. Students are not required to join SeeD, however, and graduate as accomplished adventurers who are free to take their skills and pursue careers in the Adventurer's Guild, the Grand Companies, or elsewhere.

Though the Eorzea Garden is located in La Noscea, it has been established and funded directly by the council of leaders of the Eorzean Alliance. It replaces the old Garden system, made up of three older schools located in Thanalan, La Noscea and the Black Shroud, which suffered from a lack of a unified administration. While these older Gardens were built only to serve and educate the orphans of the Calamity, enrollment in Eorzea Garden is not restricted in this way. On this topic, Headmistress Evelyn Koizumi said, "While the Gardens were formed to house the orphaned or those who needed more stability, Eorzea Garden is open to all who are interested in studying and preparing for field work and better themselves."

Koizumi is a youthful but accomplished disciple of magic, who has already held prestigious academic appointments at St Reinette's University and the Vylbrand Academy. The faculty are also on average relatively young, but experienced, and several are at the forefront of their disciplines. For instance, the Chronicle spoke with one instructor who teaches quite advanced aether channeling through the use of unaspected crystals.

The Chronicle will be keeping a close eye on the growth of this new institution.

(Further information about the curriculum is available here)

The Untrained Culinarian: Apple Rabbits? Apple Fish!

By Talia Wargraven

Most Eorzean smallfolk know of the Pastry Fish - a sweet, flaky pastry filled with almonds, raisins, and apples, all in the shape of a child’s drawing of a sunfish. Some say that the pastry hails from Limsa, and the ingredients reflect that. Almonds and lowland grapes both grow well in La Noscea, and the shipping industry brings both mirror apples and desert saffron to my home shores.

The recipe is deceptively simple in appearance, leading a novice (such as myself) to believe they can easily bake this tasty treat. It isn’t as simple as it looks.

My first mistake was foolishly assuming that you could neglect the raisins and add more butter.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

My Grammy Wargraven always said that you can never have enough butter, often dumping a whole stick into her concoctions.

After following her lead in this recipe, I now know she was wrong. You can have enough butter.

It looked good. I followed most of the directions. But still, it didn’t pay off.

It turned out a buttery mess, something I never thought I’d say. It ended up dry and cloying with the excess butter - the apples were absolutely drenched in the stuff. The lack of raisins made the pastry filling less sweet and significantly drier than it should be.

For now, I think that I’ll leave the pastry making to the professional Culinarians. I’ll stick to simpler fare… perhaps the finger sandwiches. I can’t mess that up, right?

Wandering Thoughts

By Henriette Arouet

One of my favorite sayings is: ‘There’s no such place as an ordinary place.’

Everywhere, there’s cause for wonder, be it the people or the land. One such place is just a little way out of Ul’dah, in western Thanalan. East of scorpion crossing, the gate of the Silver Bazaar awaits.

The Silver Bazaar is now disregarded by most Ul’dites. In 1521 of the 6AE, The Empire of Garlemald is founded and beginning its war of conquest. As the war spread and the Empire gained more territory, the Silver Bazaar began to struggle as the commerce coming from overseas, upon which it depended, dwindled. Ironically, it is also the Empire that caused the first rebirth of the Bazaar: in 1572 the war refugees found a home at the bazaar and but the town revived as a major fishing village, expanding across the cove. Alas, it was not the end of the difficulties for Bazaar. Dalamud was shattered and the elder primal Bahamut was released from millenia of captivity. The calamity disturbed the water, causing fish population became too little to sustain so many souls. Some lands were abandoned, other hastily sold, the population of a Bazaar once again dropped. The war refugees, homeless once more, made their way to Ul’dah.

(top) Kikipu, (bottom) Moon over the Silver Bazaar harbor

Today, the families that decided to stay in the Bazaar, toil hard to carve a life in the once bustling village. Those families are bound together tightly by their love for their land. The heart of their community is a Lalafell named Kikipu. Her courage and determination to revive the Silver Bazaar, inspired her fellow residents. She kept them working even when all hope was lost. She even hired adventurers to guard the town against unscrupulous people that were trying to forcefully evict them. Some even say that the warrior of light was the first one to protect them. I stayed with them a few months myself, and had to turn away a few persons trying to ‘buy’ their home with an axe. I later investigated and it seems some merchants have the misguided notion that if they buy the land and build luxurious homes it will somehow drive the refugees away. Kikipu radiates determination and enthusiasm, and her attitude spread to the other residents. Together they transformed the Silver Bazaar.

At sunset, most of the workers get together to relax, eat and drink. There’s never a brawl or a drunk. Maybe it’s the tiring day, or maybe it’s the satisfaction of another day of hard work. Work is often its own reward.

If you happen to spend the evening with them, you’ll taste fish as fine as you could find at the Bismark in Limsa. If you spend the night, the moon over the sea is spectacular!

Be fearless,
Have no regrets,
And listen to the wind.

Terrifying Testudinata Tarasque Toppled

By Callisandra Ward

While working on locating the famed Aquapolis members of <Press> came across a rare beast in the Dravanian Forelands. This massive beast was later found out to be a Tarasque. Now this beast is very rare and aggressive as we came to find out.

Jainus landing a blow with her axe against the Dravanian (Credit: Jainus Darkblade)

Our Healer Hezrou Dhiaga took it upon themselves to get a sketch of the beast to record the finding. But the beast was very aggressive and therefore took the few subtle steps in its direction as a hostile action. It began to charge but another member Jainus Darkblade stood in front of it and held it back with her mighty axe protecting the sketch artist. Efforts to calm the beast were not working. We gathered together to subdue the beast. Our little party of eight wasn't going to be enough. We used our link pearl to call more member of the press. We alerted the locals to the possible threat and asked that they sound the alarm for any brave souls to come and help subdue the beast who threatened the countryside.

Many calls were answered and our number grew to about twenty brave souls. We fought bravely and the monster was brought down after a prolonged battle. Thank you brave warriors who came to help. Our humble newspaper thanks you for your assistance.

Tarasque (Credit: Jainus Darkblade)

Most Wanted Criminal Captured Only To Vanish

By Talman Chryses

Rasputin Nightengale, notorious criminal and considered fifth most wanted in Eorzea was captured this week, only to go missing almost immediately.

Nightengale, sporting a bounty of 50 million gil, was finally apprehended by treasure hunter and adventurer Rana Kotsu. Kotsu, a recent immigrant from Doma, told the Chronicle that Nightengale did not put up much of a fight, enabling her to subdue him without too much difficulty, apart from causing some serious knee injuries. She then handed him over to the Immortal Flames who took him into custody. Kotsu, who views her service to the community as all in "a good day of excitement and work", had the following advice for the public at large: "Don't be assholes, or you'll end up like that bloke."

Despite this, it seems that Nightengale will not face trial for his crimes, which include murder, as he has gone missing! Upon inquiry with the Flames the Chronicle was surprised to discover that Nightengale was no longer in Flame custody, with no officer willing to give any comment on the matter. An anonymous source indicated that Nightengale had been forcibly removed from his cell by several unfamiliar individuals not affiliated with the Flames. No sightings of Nightengale have been reported since. The Crystal Chronicle welcomes any information regarding this dangerous criminal's whereabouts or the circumstances of his abduction. Until then, we have a mystery on our hands.

Rana Kotsu (Credit: R'tehz Tia)

Editorial: The Crystal Chronicle

Welcome to The Crystal Chronicle, a news organization maintained for Adventurers and Citizens alike. From the ever-looming threat of the Empire to the long-awaited marriage of the pair you have seen walking the streets of Ul’dah, it all matters, and it’s our goal to bring that to you in a clear and concise way.

Our offices are located on the upper wall of Rowena’s House of Splendors, not far from Rowena’s café. Within these offices, we work hard to make accurate, reliable, and factual information accessible because as Eorzea grows, it becomes harder to keep up with the changes taking place around the world. Our mission is to bring Eorzea closer together by investigating and reporting the happenings both at home and abroad.

The staff at The Crystal Chronicle has been working tirelessly to get this first edition out and develop a system to bring you, the reader, consistent and regular updates on the happenings

around the world. From the managerial staff working hard on the hiring process – that includes seeking diverse people with diverse interests in order to stay tuned to as much as possible – to our reporters and artists who work with the editorial staff in developing a paper that we are proud of. Each member of our organization is an essential aspect to delivering our goal of excellence and diversity. A special shout-out to our layout and tech staff for their incredible patience and perseverance in designing this first edition!

In spite of our efforts to achieve excellence and cover a wide-ranging scope, our world is vast and there are so many things happening at any given time. We will seek out as much as we can on our own, but I shall end this with a call to action: Any tips or information you have is more than welcome. We will take the time to investigate everything we can. Send us your happy news, your sad news, your disturbing news, your scary news, your celebratory news. Remember: It all matters.

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