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○ Edition #5 - Menphina, 21st Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○

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CERN Pushes Forward Eorzean Science

By Talman Chryses

The Carteneau Etherique Recherche Network (CERN), originally founded to uncover Allagan technology in the Carteneau Flats, has turned its attention to new scientific endeavours for the benefit of Eorzea as a whole. With the motto, "Accelerating Science", this involves reclaiming old technology and research as well as carrying out novel science and engineering projects.

A relatively small organization with a base of operations in the Black Shroud, CERN is composed of a Free Company of thirty members, plus a wider network of collaborators. The Chronicle spoke with several of the network's leaders. Finecia Hawke, a doctor who leads the network's expeditions into dangerous territory describes the network's purpose as philanthropic. "Whatever we may discover, we use to create inventions that might benefit other companies or just Eorzea in general."

The network was recently re-established by Hawke and R'lexia Thras with a broader purview than its original focus on Carteneau. These origins remain a source of inspiration, however -- particularly the unification of Eorzea at Carteneau rather than the subseqent partisan struggle for power that has plagued the region in recent years. Thras, who is the main director of the network says, "Once upon a time, every Eorzean involved with Carteneau had the same agenda. It's with that spirit in mind we apply our research."

R'lexia Thras, leader of CERN

CERN's research encompasses a wide variety of operations, including investigating ruins, recovering lost cargo, to testing prototypes in the network's workshop. It has led to some impressive accomplishments such as the reverse engineering of Garlean magitek optics for use in medical examination. In another project, cargo recovered from pirates allowed CERN inventors to create a linkpearl encryption device which has been shared with the Grand Companies. CERN is also credited with reclaiming a sizeable collection of books from the Sharlayan colony's derelicted Gubal Library.

To carry out these projects, CERN has assembled a close-knit team of multi-talented individuals, divided into exploration, research, aether science, inventing and spelunking divisions. Thras says, "We may be small but our people are amazing. It's also why we try to maintain a network not limited to our company."

Running a neutral organization at the forefront of scientific research is not without its challenges. CERN works hard to stay privately funded through donations to avoid being beholden to any Eorzean state. According to Hawke, "One of the mantles I took up from the founding Elezen of this Network was to stop the next calamity from happening... we are not going to able to accomplish that by only benefitting one city-state or another."

Finecia Hawke (Spelunking) and Lauren Lovecraft (Research, Archivist)

The network leadership is also aware that some technologies they discover may be highly dangerous and that what they do produce must be put in the right hands. Lauren Lovecraft, the Network's head of research, says "We must employ everything that can be of benefit, of course, but obviously, there are things out there which should be vaulted. Certain Allagan items are simply too dangerous for example."

The Crystal Chronicle intends to keep an eye on CERN's projects, so look forward to further coverage in future editions. For more information about CERN, readers should turn to this page.

Nymeia's Aid

By Astri Berry

Lately I’ve been feeling very spiritually distant from the Twelve. I feel as though my prayers do nothing. Do you have any advice for how to change this?

A very concerned Lalafell”

To the Lalafellin writer,
Once more, I thank you for writing to me! Unlike the last letter, though I tried my hardest to aid them in their time of need and questioning, this is something I know all too well of.

As an Augur of Nymeia, it is my duty to know all forms of worship for the Twelve and not only that of Nymeia. Though there are many ways to worship- such as through prayer alone- there are always many more that some do not think of.

It is recommended unto you that you should take a pilgrimage, in honour of the Twelve and your worship of them. Each of the Twelve have their own marked stone throughout the lands and I would beseech you to find escort to seek these out; if no escort is to be found, the Sanctum of the Twelve is a much safer and easier place to seek out and each of the Twelve have their own marked stones there as well. Pray before each, speaking the name of the god or goddess with their corresponding mark. It would be well to

leave offerings that would tie to the god or goddess- a scroll for Thaliak, a Nymeia Lily for Nymeia, a fresh vial of seawater for Llymlaen… each of these things should be valued by one of the Twelve.

Along with the necessary pilgrimage and homage, you would do well to make a sachet of Halone Gerbera, Azeyma Rose, Nymeia Lily, and Althyk Lavender. Each of these flowers may be hung and dried, then portioned into a small silken purse. The sachet should be hung around the neck and worn for days at a time until the last of the fragrance fades into the night. A simple way to worship and to show the Twelve that your connection remains strong and true.

It is my sincerest hope and prayer that your connection to the Twelve with renew and strengthen, leading you to a better quality of life. If all seems as lost and hopeless as they do now, even after such things, do not despair! You may seek me out any time at the Adytum’s location in the Lavender Beds and I will do what more I can for you.

May Nymeia guide you

Seeking guidance of your own? Write to Nymeia's Aid using our dedicated moogle courier!

Sultana First

By Lektrie Lacewrench


Anyone who knows me knows that I work a lot. So it may come as a surprise that I, too, find ways to relax in my downtime; only this time, the manner of relaxation found me. I was out and about in Ul'dah for Crystal Chronicle’s distribution night ((every Sunday night if you didn't know)) when I found myself approached by a well-dressed Miqo'te man named Jace'ka. He made a bargain with me about accepting my paper if I would pay the tavern he works for a visit on their Grand Re-Opening. At first I was annoyed at the audacity that I should make a deal such as that over handing out a paper, but in the end, I decided to humor him despite my annoyance.

Distribution wrapped up and I had nowhere else to go so I decided to honor our little deal. I am woman of my word after all. Nine o' clock and I headed for this bar, The Sultana's Cup (Located in the Goblet Ward 10, plot 54)! Conveniently located just to the north of the Goblet South Subdivision Aetheryte. The outside of the building left much to be desired. I had expected a far richer looking building with a name such as that, and the way it was advertised led me to believe it was a high end place. I was proven wrong the moment I stepped through their doors.


I was greeted by a woman in a purple dress. She had purple hair and a lighter purple lipstick. A very attractive Miqo'te woman sitting in an extremely welcoming room. The scent of flowers saturated the air, couches had been organized neatly in a semi-circle around a roaring fireplace. The purple woman directed me downstairs where they kept their bar. Reader, if you must do one thing it is this: go there yourself and experience the atmosphere alone. I walked down the stairs and found myself in a sea of Valentione’s decoration. Delightful pinks and passionate reds all about meticulously placed among the three tables and two booths. I made my way directly for that bar where Jace'ka (The Bartender ) was doing his job. He greeted me with a smile and I couldn't not help but return the gesture, he was really quite charming. I ordered the special and asked about the owner so that I could interview her, I was pointed to the woman who had greeted me up stairs! The owner greeting me in person was not something I had thought would happen; however, I found it endearing. I finished my drink and had conversations with the bartender and the workers before heading up to talk to the owner called Lunae Lux.

Ms. Lux grew up in Limsa Lominsa before travelling to Ul'dah for work as a Dancer. Time had passed and she decided to jump into the entrepreneurial world of tavern running. "Providing a safe place for people to come and just enjoy." To quote her. She also admits to having a love for spirits and liquor perhaps a little too much, "I decided to turn my small hobby into a little profit." Would that the majority of us were so lucky, but not everyone has the spirit to run a business. I asked her if they had a particular mission statement and she replied "The Sultana's Cup [strives] to provide a friendly atmosphere for everyone. No one is turned away at the door unless you mean to cause harm to any staff or guest."

They are currently hiring entertainers, waiters and waitresses and some more bar staff. Sarah, one of the diligent servers working at the cup, could likely use the help. Every Sunday night they offer a show they themselves put together, then every Wednesday they have an Open Mic night. Should you have a talent to show off I would recommend making yourself known there. I pulled myself lower to get to the nitty-gritty of Ms. Lux's personal life to sate the curiosity of the gentlemen callers out there, "An attractive business owner providing a place of solace for all who would feel the need to rest in a welcoming environment. Tell me, Is there someone special in your life?" The verdict, am afraid I have bad news for you singles out there. The question had caught her off guard and she replied with a giggle and told me that she was actually engaged with a happy nod, sorry boys.

"In your advertisement I caught that this was your grand re-opening which implies there was a prior closing, What happened to the last Sultana's Cup?" She didn't seem insulted or anything by the question and chuckled slightly before offering her explanation. "There were some personal things that popped up preventing me from keeping an open schedule as well as spacial issues. So I decided to completely renovate and expand the space and I am sure glad I did." She added that since their new renovations had been complete they would remain stalwart and ever vigilant in moving forward. It was then that our conversation had come to an end, the lights dimmed and the stage show had begun. I did not want to miss the opportunity to have my fortune told. Admittedly the night becomes hazy after this as I had found myself having so much fun that I lost focus on my notes and instead found myself enveloped in the warmth and love of my friends at the press, and the new friends I had made at The Sultana's Cup.

Lunae's workers describe her as honest, motivated, and a hard worker. They all love their job and are happy to serve. Sarah, the waitress, has been a loyal worker since the beginning and she was nothing but welcoming, courteous and fleet of foot. Carefully making sure not a customer went ignored. They offer drinks for a low end price, but their expensive namesake will get you what you need and tastes good to boot. Follow that up with one of the many cakes and cookies and you will never want to leave.


Wandering Thoughts: The Red Mud of Cartaneau

By Henriette Arouet

Dalamud hung low in the sky, a red wound that bled crimson into the sky. Under its eerie light, the Eorzean Alliance was facing the Garlean Empire.

The Garleans and their conscripts charged. Behind them, magitek armors were advancing, sending deadly projectiles into our rank. We answered with spells and arrows. Those armors burns like everything else if the fire is hot enough. Especially if you hit them at the right place. The problem was the sheer number of them.

Our infantry line meet the Garlean. I could see Roland there. I could recognize him a mile away, just by the way he held his lance. It still wakes me up at night: the smell of blood, the red mud, the glowing mouth of a magitek armor. The explosion. Even from afar, it threw me on the ground. I could hear screams and sobs: Pain and Despair. I could smell the burned flesh of my friends. Face down in the red mud, I could taste the blood of fallens. The same scene was everywhere.

Our infantry line was buckling under the pressure of the Garlean’s monstrosities. People died everywhere. The Garleans were advancing. The linkshell was telling us to hold, Ul’dah was sending reinforcements.

Yet, this was war. The facts had no time to settle on the mind. I grabbed my broken staff, and used it to prop myself up. When I finally managed to stand, I looked around. He was alive. Spear in hand. With blood leaking from his ears, he looked the worse for wear, but he was alive!

Dead Garleans around him. Seven people out of eight were dead, but if survival was possible, he would be the one. He stood there, like a hero facing the enemies, holding the line by himself. He turned toward me. I couldn’t hear him but I knew his thoughts: “Run away!” I discarded my useless staff, and took out my spare rod.

I ran toward him, “As if I’d run away and leave you here,

whatever comes we’ll face it together!” I told myself. I almost made it. Another step, maybe two. I would have died with him. Instead the blast from one of those void-cursed armors, threw me in the air and flat on on my back. All I can hear is a buzz. I’m barely conscious. I manage to sit up, dazed, and I look around. My vision is blurry. I wipe blood from my face. A few yalms from me, I can see his broken spear. No sign of him. I sat there, wailing.

A piece of metal, a bit like the blade of a gigantic sword, falls half a malm away at most. Its sheer size caused a shockwave when it hit the ground. It sent me flying like a broken doll. Darkness. I thought I was dying. It was a relief.

I woke up. The Garleans were gone. Something in my hand… the shaft of his spear. I searched. Looked for his body. Again and again. Other survivors were around. I ignored them. I kept looking.I don’t know how long. Finally, help arrived. They forcefully took me away. Sent me to Bronze Lake. My injuries were not severe. I escaped a mere hours after arriving. Somehow, instinctively, I made my way to the Church of Saint Adama Landama. I’m not sure how long the journey took. I arrived in ragged cloth, the broken lance still in hand. I didn’t know why I was there. Yet, Father Iliud understood.

We buried Roland’s lance. On the grave, I put the words that guided his life: Kindness, Beauty, Truth.

Father Iliud took me in. I was not the only stray he picked up. There was this fellow named Marques. Neither him nor I were talkative both still dazed from the war. Neither of us willing to talk about it. I stayed a few weeks.

I felt the wind calling me. I wanted to wander, and I wanted solitude.

Kindness, Beauty, Truth.

Grindstone Results: Mugen Branwen defeats Dishel Dinwell

By Talman Chryses


This week's Grindstone prize was tidily won by the martial artist Mugen Branwen, a newcomer to the Ul'dahn combat tournament. Out of a pool of sixty two contestants, Branwen rapidly rose through the ranks fighting with his fists, his eastern Katana and his metal-plated sandals.

According to organizer Warren Castille, it's not at all uncommon for newcomers to win in the Grindstone. An Au Ra, hailing from Ala Mhigo, Branwen was visiting Ul'dah for the very first time. What did he think of it so far? "Good meat skewers. Bad weather."

To enter the final Branwen was up against the heavily armored Highlander Nanna Everdrift. Branwen was able to safely relieve Everdrift of her axe, evening the scales a little. Though Everdrift proved to be swift, Branwen was able to use her momentum against her, both tripping and throwing her.

Many contestants in the semi-finals, Branwen included, proved to be versatile fighters, but none so much as the final challenger, Dishel Dinwell, a veteran Maelstrom officer who had matched his opponents' fighting styles at every turn. Against the swordsman Zegram Wolfe, Dinwell drew his own

sword, and against the machinist Himeyuri Miyabi, his gun. And so, against Mugen's unarmed style, Dinwell too set aside his weapons.

Both men showed a good-natured, casual attitude out of combat, giving the lie to the damage they could inflict. The fight proceeded very rapidly, with each combatant landing repeated blows of increasing force. Neither could have withstood such a pace for long, but it was Branwen who won out with a kick powerful enough to break Dinwell's arm.

Branwen had this to say about his opponent: "Dishel's got some speed on him. Hell of a guy to have in the final fight." And on his visit to Ul'dah, in the light of his victory: "I guess the weather's not that bad."

For more information on the Grindstone, please see this insert or turn to this page.

Congratulations to Our New Raid Lead

By Persepha Dierona


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