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○ Edition #4 - Menphina, 13th Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○

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Eorzea Celebrates St. Valentione's Day

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Shio Maeda

From festivals and balls, to fortune telling and singing telegrams, Eorzea has been abuzz this week with St. Valentione's festivities. Two especially popular events were the Sweetheart's Festival run by Thaliak's Embrace in the Lavender Beds, and the Masquerade Ball run by the Adventure League at their estate in the Goblet. The Crystal Chronicle was on the scene at both events, and here is who and what we saw.


♥ ❤ The Sweetheart's Festival ❤ ♥

The Sweetheart's Festival was held in the beautifully decorated Amethyst Shallows area of the Lavender Beds. Boasting six special attractions, including snacks and flower stalls, a raffle, and an axe-lifting trial of strength, the festival rapidly drew a large crowd. The excited clamour was only quieted briefly by a musical performance by Khenbish Monsaran, who impressed audiences as usual with her tight choreography. Alexius Edmont, proprietor of the Thaliak's Embrace, was seen dispensing affection himself at the kissing booth.

Many couples young and old were in attendance, here are a few that caught our eye!


Tsumugi Takahashi and Kibaa Hart, who had "just met" over shared chocolate. The pair told the Chronicle they were not a couple, but don't they look good together!

A'lexi Ross and Booster Dawnforge, who we saw at the axe-lifting event. A'lexi had just successfully lifted the incredibly heavy axe. Amidst much blushing, the couple had this to say about each other. A'lexi on Booster: "He's everything a date, and a man, should be." Booster on A'lexi: "Three B's. Brave, badass, beautiful."


Ci and Sara. Despite Ci's fervent protests, Sara had this to say to the press: "Well... I love Ci so much, she is super cute, and kind, and always makes me smile, and makes me feel like the luckiest girl there is, and ever will be! She makes sure I always stay happy, and and, always does make me happy, no matter what she does! We are like, the loveliest, and happiest couple there is, because we are together and in so much love! And, we are the cutest couple there could ever be!" The Chronicle is inclined to agree.

♥ ❤ The Masquerade Ball ❤ ♥

The Masquerade Ball was held in the spacious basement of the Adventure League's estate, which had been nicely decorated since the Chronicle visited for last week's edition. It was so well attended that the League's Doyenne, Aveline Blue, made several other rooms and the estate garden available for guests. An impressive variety of masks and costumes were on display, and the crowd was full of both dating couples and singles seeking to enjoy themselves on St. Valentione's.

Kannadi Albedo of the Adventure League, who lamented the tough dancing competition at the Ball.


Laurentoix Beaujolais, enjoying a vacation from his rather more solemn duties as Deacon at the Holy See.


Riven and Vahn Pendragon, with their daughter Zira, who says "Haaaaai!"


Cy'xanne Tora and Ha'diteya Devmani, who are engaged to be married in just two weeks and were clearly very much in love.


Elaine Metronoma and Bebebop Bebop with Polis Man, Savior of Eorzea. "Yes, I, Polis Man from the Aquapolis, have finally come back up to dispense justice! The justice of drinking and looking for merriment!"


Y'min Diari and Meela Jakkya in rose red and snow white outfits. They each insisted that the other looked better.


Summer Raze, a machinist enjoying a breath of fresh air for St. Valentione's.


Percival Derolo and Vex'ahlia Vessar had just had their fortunes told by Madame Rose, who was attending the Ball. Apparently they received a warning for the future. The Chronicle wishes them the best of luck!

Why Go There?!

By Jereck Falarenth, Pictures By Shio Maeda


Ul’Dah is a city of trade, fighting arenas and gambling, as we all know. People from all over travel there to find their fortune or at least some refuge from the happenings of the world around them. The great city-state is accessible from any point of Thanalan. Any road leading into the city is a rough one and very few are able to find some comfort on their way in. Those few know of The Coffer and Coffin.

Growing up outside of the city near Black Brush Station, you become familiar with the “goings on” of the area. I remember playing with the Giant Tortoise that roams outside the little tucked away tavern and seeing all the traffic coming through, some stopping at the little pub between the

station and the “big city”. I sometimes found myself asking “what happens in there?”

The Coffer and Coffin was named after the folk song of a traveling man who carried a stout chest. This chest was either to be his coffer to hold winnings from gambling or coffin to carry him home. Still standing under a cliff of an Ul’Danian outpost, travelers can still find comfort here.

Currently tended by a Hyur named Roger, stiff drinks are in high demand and served by Alehouse Wenches with flare! There is always a good story to be told by some of the regulars there but the main entertainment comes from the traveling merchants and adventurers.

Elaine Metronoma and Bebebop Bebop note that “I prefer [The Coffer and Coffin] over the Quicksands because…well, when you’re a Lalafell, you are always looking up at people. When you look up here, most are wearing clothing…. and undergarments. In The

Quicksands, well… let’s just say most cattes don’t have much respect for the little people. I’m a doctor and… gods…. it’s terrifying. I dunno how there isn’t a plague in Ul’Dah from summ’a the stuff I have seen. Tradeoff though is that you’re like to find trouble here.” Elaine chimed in that “It does not help that The Quicksand happens to be quite crowded. It grows difficult to hold intimate conversations with others being so… well, for the lack of polite words, quite rude and obnoxious around.”

Although The Coffer and Coffin may be off the beaten path, it seems like the place to be to wind down after a long travel or just to get away from it all.


Wandering Thoughts: The Brewing Storm

By Henriette Arouet, Pictures By Persepha Dierona


On the field of Cartaneau, the Eorzean alliance met the Garlean army head on. Contest of will against technology. The empire war machine gobbled up country after country. A pity. We were going to fight against people that could have been our allies.

When the average person thinks of a battle, often they imagine lines of soldiers waiting some kind of mutual agreement between the generals that the battle should begin. Then the infantry rushes the other infantry and hundreds of little duels takes places. This is far from the truth.

First, there’s the line of infantry, the Lancers, Gladiators, Marauders, and Pugilists. Followed by the Thaumaturges and Archers. Last there’s the healers. The Garleans have similar formations, no mages though. Instead, monstrous machines.

I remember the anxiety of the wait, the Garlean army in distant view. I was pacing left and right, Roland was calmly sitting. He was always calm. It could be so infuriating. When he had decided on a course of action, he trusted his skill, his comrades, and his fate to see him through. Most of all, he trusted me: I was his wife, after all.

I met him on my second job from the guild. I followed him around like a lost puppy after the assignment. Took me the better part of 2 years to convince him to marry me. After that, we were inseparable.


“Just this time, I wish you hadn’t had come with me” he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“... I don’t think we’ll survive this.” he answered after a long silence. He was so calm and matter of fact about it. It froze my bones.

“Then we’ll die together, husband. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I answered. He frowned. “Why are we here then?” I asked.

“Because of Him” he said. The way he said ‘Him’ denoted a profound respect, that was a bit usual for him.

“I asked Him the same question” he said “You know what he answered?” I shook my head.

“To ignore the plight of those one might conceivably save is not wisdom, -- it is indolence. We must all protect that which we hold most dear in the manner of our own choosing.” I nodded. I understood His serene smile that turned sad when he held his spear. Always, he fought to protect something or someone. He always saddened by the need to fight. I realized: I fought to protect him.

At that moment, the linkshell called to form the lines. It was time to dive into madness. Roland hugged me. He went to the front line, I went with the archers. I was one of the few thaumaturges in the rank of the Gridanian army. As the Garlean troops advanced, I could feel the tension rising in our ranks. There’s was no turning back now. We stood in the middle of a brewing storm. Soon it would break.

Be fearless,
Have no regrets,
And listen to the wind.

Nymeia's Aid

By Astri Berry

“Dear Oracle Berry,
A member of my Free Company recently discovered a piece of Garlean technology -- or maybe it’s Allagan, we’re not sure. It looks like it could be very useful, but it’s already sparked a fierce debate. Some people say that Garlean technology is inherently evil and we should destroy it. Others say that we should use whatever we can to get the upper hand against the Empire and that we already use some magitek. I don’t know what to think. It seems like nothing but badness has come from Garlean technology in Eorzea, and people say the Allagans were destroyed because they worshipped their machines and forgot about the gods. But is it really bad to use something that makes life more convenient? And won’t we lose against the Garleans if we don’t match their power and technology?

Hoping you can shed some light on this matter,
Pensive Eorzean”

Pensive Eorzean,
I thank you for writing to me! It warms my heart a great deal to have someone new to assist who feels safe enough to share their plight with me in such a public way.

I admit to having little knowledge of what you are asking, not being the most technologically advanced person myself when it comes to the Garleans and what the Manufactory is beginning and continuing to do. What I can attest to, however, is the acceptance of new things.

Though I believe it to be Nymeia’s will to put things in front of us that we may need or so that we may be tested, I acknowledge that others do not. So I put it in simpler terms: the knowledge of what it can do. This Garlean instrument, or perhaps Allagan, is said to be potentially useful; it appears to me that if it is useful, it could be beneficial.. But not wholly to outclass the work of others!

Where one tool may be used, others may still be valuable. If no danger is presented then it is my belief that it should be investigated. I can say the same for many things that are unknown. Whatever may be said of how the Garleans or the Allagans came to be or how they will be destroyed, I wholly believe it is not a matter of forgetting gods; instead, it is a matter of a difference of culture and something that we should try to understand instead of fear. Fear breeds a type of animosity that will quickly lead to violence if not the mere shutting out of any type of communication.. Understanding, instead, may lead us to the knowledge of how to better understand what we face in the future as well as how to use it to our advantage.

If there is no danger presented, a simple Garlean or Allagan tool should be researched and it should be discovered how it can be used, if there is any use, by the ones who already do the job it would do.

May Nymeia guide you

Seeking guidance of your own? Write to Nymeia's Aid using our dedicated moogle courier!

Grindstone Results: Wanderer Gadieo defeats Mikha Sunthistle

By Talman Chryses

This week's Grindstone saw the tournament regular Wanderer Gadieo rise through the ranks to finally reach the top. An adventurer and geologist by trade, he was competing more for the glory than the gil prize, as many Grindstone participants do.

Fighting unarmed, the Wanderer showed his hand-to-hand prowess against various combat styles through the early rounds, only to be locked in a stalemate with the Xaela Shingu Voykin. Both contestants showed exemplary endurance and skill in unarmed combat, but the Wanderer finally managed to get the upper hand.

In the semi-finals he was matched with Zana'to Razuli, a Miqo'te clad in white plate armor, whose sword and shield techniques had taken him quite far in his first time competing at the Grindstone. Razuli proved a dangerous opponent, forcing Gadieo to close the distance and focus on the white knight's unarmored head. This approach eventually worked for the Wanderer, but not without having to kick Razuli's shield out of the air and dodge a potentially grievous chest wound.

The final match up was against the good-natured longbow-wielding Hyur Mikha Sunthistle. Mikha had taken his place in the final after defeating the Wanderer's adventuring companion Keira Rioux. In all of his battles he had used his speed to put distance between him and his opponent so as to better fire off his blunted arrows, and when that failed, the Ishgardian war bow doubled as a formidable club. Sunthistle was able to land a couple of painful hits on Gadieo with his arrows but seemed to be fatigued from his previous fights and wasn't able to move as swiftly. Despite the punishing arrow strikes, the Wanderer was able to subdue the archer quickly once he had caught up with him.

Following his victory, the Wanderer had these words of wisdom for the press: "Do not judge a book by its cover, many secrets are yet to be revealed until it's opened."

Lektrie's Pros and Cons of Being a Lalafell

By Persepha Dierona


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