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○ Edition #12 - Nymeia, 9th Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○


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Grindstone Special: L'veyu Carrin defeats Blake Forester

By Talman Chryses, Additional Reporting By Yachiyo Kaneuchi, Pictures By Shio Maeda

This week's Grindstone was especially entertaining with several unusual occurrences. Amidst an alcohol-fueled semi-final, cheerleaders, a visit from a cross-country running group and sixty-one contestants, L'veyu Carrin put an end to seemingly unstoppable rise of Blake Forester and claimed the championship for himself.

While a wide range of tactics were used throughout the evening the championship was decided with an old-fashioned fist fight.
L'veyu Carrin (left) defeated Blake Forester (right), but not before throwing both fists and rocks in the final.

Forester's Rise to Power and Drunkenness

The Au Ra Blake Forester, unmistakable in his blindingly yellow plaid pants, began wreaking havoc in the Bridge bracket. Blake's characteristically flamboyant style with axe and fists proved effective at bewildering and overpowering his opponents. A few particularly flashy moves involved using the axe like a bat to roll his Lalafell opponent down the bridge, throwing the axe in the air to free his hands for a few punches and using the chain on the axe to move it around the battlefield. In the bridge final, Forester was up against last week's Champion Alleria Surlaint, who put up an admirable fight. However, the threat of cupcakes from Forester's companion on the sidelines spurred Forester to victory here as well. It would seem that the warrior is not fond of cupcakes.

In the semi-final Blake defeated the literally drunken boxer Rhan'li Zohra, but not without first consuming a powerful draft himself. It was unclear whether this was meant to be an advantage or handicap. As the semi-finalists staggered rather ineffectively around the battlefield, Grindstone Overseer Warren Castille was heard to make a wry remark about the grandeur of honorable combat. As the possibly less drunk of the two, Forester eventually emerged victorious and took his place in the finals.

L'veyu's Victory

It was up to the spear-wielding L'veyu Carrin to put stop Forester in his tracks. Still quite intoxicated, Forester ended up setting his axe aside and the two began to fight with fists and feet. Distracted by something on the sidelines, Forester wanted to end the fight quickly, and ended up throwing a rock at Carrin, which Carrin tidily threw back at him. Carrin then drew a dagger and sliced his opponents tie clean off with a single stroke. Forester abandoned the fight at this point and walked off to meet his companion in the audience. L'veyu Carrin was announced champion and accepted his prize. He had this to say to the Chronicle: "I achieved a goal my associate could never find himself.. well, doing. To see myself here, despite the last fight feeling more of a play than, well, a fight, it was enjoyable. Being here, training, fighting? Every week? It's a blessing I thank the Fury for."

Audience Encounters

This week, the Chronicle spoke to several members of the Grindstone Audience.


Rin Ajagar and Laurent Leaubane

TCC: Are you cheering on for anyone in particular for this week's Grindstone, or are just here to cheer on the participants in general?

Rin: I do not have a handpicked fighter, but rather in general I would say. There are so many wonderful fighters, I do not know how one could choose just one.

Laurent: I am fairly new here but the sheer amount makes it impossible to root for just one person surely?

TCC: Since this is your first Grindstone, are you enjoying the event so far? What has been your favorite part of it?"

Laurent: The atmosphere, the cheering. Everything about the area and the people. Even if you are not fighting it is...exhilarating.


Cross-Eorzea Runners

This eye-catching group made an appearance in the audience and gave our reporter a bottle of water. Apparently, the group were running across Eorzea for exercise, when they came across the Grindstone. They decided to take a break before running all the way back. Some quotes:

"Since these fighters are giving their all too... why not take notice?"
"For some, their running is not a project, but a lifestyle!"
"Personal physical fitness is key to a long healthy lifestyle."
"Not for me... I'm just tagging along"
"Make sure you write in your paper that Lynell is a lightweight and she doesn't represent the team as a whole."
"Shut up! ...But you're not wrong either, Magda..."

After posing for a picture, the group immediately collapsed from over-exhaustion.

The Matron's Reach... Expanding!

By Utsunqu'ur Berry

The Upcoming Persona series was a hit, it warms my heart to say! More so than that, Lady Maril Hawker’s work with the Matron’s Reach has been expanding steadily since I last wrote of her through naught but the skill and talent she has for leading a lovely group of healers.

Instead of one of the many Clinics they have around Eorzea, the Matron’s Reach healers were instead conscripted to be onsite healers for one of the numerous tournaments in the land. This time, their talents were recognized at the Spellbreaker Melee. The Melee itself pit aether users against their physical counterparts, mage against melee, and was an exciting tournament for all! Hosted upon the beach of the Seagaze market in the Mists, the healers began setting themselves up in the tents lining the shore; two lounging chairs to each tent would give the Matron’s Reach men and women plenty of area to work their talents should the need arise. And arise, it did! Though I am most pleased to say that no one was seriously injured, with the exception of one poorly (or well) thrown knife, the healers still had much worker to do.

It warms my heart to say that I was able to speak with one of the healers, Sir Mikh’al Lihzeh, who spoke of being worried that the injuries would be more dire; full glad he is, I suspect, that they were not. Yet he looks forward to the next time the Matron’s Reach officials will be able to assist with tournaments and, presumably, other events!

Lady Maril Hawker herself later gave a statement, saying that she “quite liked this opportunity”. Speaking further on it, she would go on to say, speaking of both the tournament herself and her experience with being on-call:

“I find it a great way for people to get some experience with crossing the genres of fighting, so to speak. The injuries weren’t too severe bar a few exceptions, so I take it as a good sign that people know where their strengths are and how to regulate it. And naturally, this has been an invaluable opportunity for us to heal more together, in the Reach, to see more of each other's capabilities and most importantly, how we deal with the unknown. You never know what you get at a tournament like this! From electric shock, frozen toes, and all the way to stab wounds. I definitely think we will be doing more of it in the future. It is a great way for us to help.”

Though the Matron’s Reach has just begun to work outside of their Clinics, I wholeheartedly suspect we shall see more of their work in the future. Should you need onsite healers for any such event, whether it be a tournament or otherwise, I am certain you could do no wrong by seeking out the Lady Maril Hawker.


Mystic Runestone Results:

By Talman Chryses

Champion: Azrat Lariss, of the Eldritch Collective
Magic Style: Ice manipulation and golemcraft
Words for the Public: "Hail to the Collective"

Second Place: Titus Kagimake, of the Fabled Few
Magic Style: Dragoon techniques, lightning-aspected aether

Nymeia's Aid

By Utsunqu'ur Berry

It warms my heart to note that this week I have obtained several letters from those seeking assistance and thus have chosen two of which I find very similar. Relationship advice is always a tedious thing though it pleases me that I might be able to help.

“Dear Mademoiselle Berry,
I find myself having a dilemma. You see, I have found a woman whom I fancy much, yet it is apparent to any who see her that she is well along with another. Despite this, she is available. Would it be wrong to step forward to attempt to take her hand? I do look forward to your response.
Virtuoso Trainee”

“I believe that in Eorzea, the possibility of a harem-esque situation is entirely more possible than in my own homeland. But I’m afraid the culture shock may upset my potentials. How do I form this harem properly without any backfire on myself or their feelings?

Though both seeking such answers may have different issues arise, each boils down to a fundamental fear with a potential relationship. It is common that those seeking companions are wary, not wishing to hurt others in their pursuit of the ones that they wish to court. Truly, it is an admirable thing, for it means their hearts are filled with compassion. Yet I believe that being direct and confident will always win out.

To the man who wishes for a harem: I beg you, do not refer to it as such. If you are intent on seeking out such things with your potential beloveds, understand what you are wanting.

You are seeking a relationship built upon polyamorous ideals; harem though you may call it, the word disrespects the nature of such relations. The main idea behind a polyamorous relationship is that you openly communicate with yourself and your beloveds; do not hide your desires of such things for them, for that is nigh cheating. If you are calm and rational, you may find that the women in your life are much more willing to try such a thing if they truly care for you.

To the Virtuoso: Once more I ask that you be direct. In any relationship, and not just those of a polyamorous leaning, communication is as important to the life of the relationship as breathing is to your own life. If you truly seek to court this woman, speak with her calmly and kindly. Tell her of your intentions and ask if she seeks another so that your heart may be calmed. If she does, it will save you much heartache as you will be able to process it quicker than should you cease to speak of it and grow far more infatuated. It may also be that she is willing to take more than one lover and you shall only know such things if you speak with her.

It is my hope that you both will find luck and that Menphina herself may bless you both with fulfillment in your courting. Should you both fail, know that it is not the end of your romantic endeavours as I believe you will find those you can love wholly and for eternity.

May Nymeia guide you.

Seeking guidance of your own? Write to Nymeia's Aid using our dedicated moogle courier!

Hatching-tide: One Step Closer to Ovaphobia

By Dae Fenris

With Hatching-tide in full swing we should all take a moment to recognize the unsung heroes of our festivities: the craftsmen. By putting together sturdily-built set pieces, glamorous costumes, fun gizmos, and delicious treats, crafters lift our special days to an entirely new level.

Of course, those-who-synth are not just here to create during festivities. Every day a crafter helps to shape and provide character to the world around us. What we see during holidays is simply a different kind of creative effort. It can even be a bit overwhelming if not plain frightening!


Hatching-tide is a period of particularly bright and varying styles based on the very unassuming plain white egg laid by all sorts of fowl. Decorations include painted wooden eggs, glowing egg lamps, egg-shaped balloons, egg mobiles, and egg candies. All hues of the rainbow can be found painted onto the shells, and the size of the decor matches the small eggs found in the tiny nests of the Black Shroud treetops all the way up to the colossal mega-eggs that can only be found in the darkest caves of La Noscea (and I hope not to meet the creature that laid them!). I would even say I've seen a few intricately decorated golden eggs that look positively ready to burst with a kwee-ing baby chocobo!


Stop by Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre in Gridania and speak with Jihli Aliapoh for more information on the Hatching-tide. Sometimes you just need a bit of magic in your life that thaumaturgy can't provide. Thank you craftsmen for all of your efforts to enhance our celebrations!

The Realmsward Initiative's Work Continues

By Utsunqu'ur Berry

As many of you have read in past editions, the Realmsward Initiative has long since been covered by The Crystal Chronicle. It is with great pleasure that I come to you with another article concerning their most recent movements.

Though the tournaments continue and things move swiftly apace, the Initiative’s progress seems to be moving ever as fast as they have gained quite the bit of momentum. Their followers are many with full companies pledging their allegiance to this admirable endeavour of Commander Von; though many and more join each week, there are still some who are skeptical of what the Initiative is trying to do.

It warms my heart then to inform everyone that the Initiative proceeds with plans aplenty. Though I am not at the liberty to speak of where things may be, they have begun to build a hold here in Eorzea; members of the Initiative are preparing themselves with weapons eager and waiting, taking to small skirmishes in the meantime. They have several fighters and some few companies offering supplies and provisions, even as they begin to prep for the battle to come. To keep morale up, few events have been planned for those associated with the Initiative and those who still might yet be interested. Not only this, but the tournaments continue on.


This Week’s Tournament

It warms my heart to say once more that this week’s tournament was largely a success. Though I competed myself, I did not win more than one bout. However, the finalists were far luckier than I! Both Titus Kagimake and the winner Whran’a Mhakaracca were both blessed with skill and talent, putting on a fight that none could take their eyes off. Sir Titus fought with lance and lightning-aspected aether while Sir Whran’a fought simply with his sword; in the end, Sir Whran’a was the victor after giving Sir Titus a good hit to his shoulder. Both men acknowledged the other’s skill and were in high spirits at the end of the tournament. Sir Whran’a in particular, whom was not yet associated with the Initiative but is considering such things now, seemed to enjoy the bout for what it gave him in practice.

It is my hopes and understanding that the tournaments will continue to bring in interest, as I am very certain we have not seen the last of the Realmsward Initiative by far. Should you have any questions for Sir Von herself, whether it be for the tournament or the Realmsward Initiative itself, you may contact her through her personal linkpearl.


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