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○ Edition #15 - Nymeia, 30th Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○

Realmsward Announces First Victory over Garlemald

By Gillemont Lachapelle, Additional Reporting By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Selathra Silversong


Von Sayrillont, head of the Realmsward Initiative, has publicly announced the organization’s first victory on Garlean territory as of this week, with a successful assault and occupation of the La Noscean Castrum known as Castrum Occidens.

The Realmsward Initiative, known primarily for its weekly tournament, has been waging a silent war for the last moon, a war which reached its climax not more than a few suns ago: a successful assault upon Castrum Occidens in Eastern La Noscea.

The Crystal Chronicle had the opportunity to interview the head of the Initiative, Von Sayrillont, about this quest to gain more insight on the how of the attack, as well as what lies ahead for Realmsward.

Most important to note is that this assault was far from an overnight

endeavor. According to Ser Sayrillont, the bulk of the mission occurred over the span of the last moon. With patrol movements mapped out, supply lines severed, and power and communication disabled, the Initiative’s forces stormed the breach to occupy the Castrum when the perfect point presented itself. Sayrillont believes that the now occupied Castrum will prove useful to the Initiative’s goals and serves as a stepping stone toward further pursuits stating, "Meridianum and Centri, they can take heed that we will be doing all we can to keep the people safe. And if they do retaliate, it will be on Initiative grounds..."

Ser Sayrillont, however, has no intention of waiting for the Empire to come to her. When asked about further recruitment, the head of the Initiative gave a call to arms to those that would join her on the field of battle.

"Occidens was the start, but there are larger fortifications out there and more operations to undertake, and for that we will need more hands. They can either contact me at the tournament or here at my house."

Time will tell whether or not the Initiative can maintain its hold on Castrum Occidens whilst continuing its movements against the other Castrums in Eorzea. One thing is certain though: the citizens of Wineport and Costa del Sol are very much thankful for the removal of the Garleans from their sunny shores.


Saint Reinette’s Jazz Ball: Dancing the Night Away

By Yachiyo Kaneuchi

On the 23rd Sun, deep within the Lavender Beds, lay a place where the music booms throughout the district and some passersby find their steps to be in tune with one of many popular songs from this era as they roam through the night. Saint Reinette’s University, a previous Chronicle featured story, hosted a jazz ball for all to have a wonderful time. Attendees came and went as the event lasted with enormous energy as they danced to a variety of songs. The dance floor bustled with couples and friends alike, dancing to a variety of romantic ballads and songs.

Towards the tail end of the night, a “Best Dressed” contest emerged from within the ballroom. A line of thirteen was created and judged as contestants fought with style. Twenty minutes later, Kurenai Haname emerged victorious as the winner of the event. Unfortunately, we could not gain an

audience with Mrs. Haname, but wish her our congratulations for her victory. "Yeah, I'm really enjoying it. I'm having a good time so far,” Rorigo Lorigo, one of the judges of the contest said when asked about the night’s festivities. “I would say it meets my expectations, yeah. Higura did a nice job."

As the night came to a close, the dance floor was relieved of the mass of feet as people prepared to leave into the brisk darkness with a last drink. The general consensus of the jazz ball was quite high alongside the turnout. Saint Reinette’s headmaster, Higura Gainishigi, was kind enough to lend several minutes of her time during the event to speak about the possibility of a future dance. "I plan events like this every couple moons. We're looking at the next one possibly taking place in ((august))."

Three-Way Battle Royale at Spellguard

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Kay'tethanir Dotharl


This week's Spellguard broke from the magic tournament's usual two-versus-two format to pit three teams against each other in one long round to determine the champions. Spellguard overseer Shoshopu Shopu herself accepted an invitation to join one of the teams and the audience got an opportunity to see her summoning magic in action. The teams were arranged in a circle, each attacking the team in front of them proceeding clockwise and defending against the team behind them. When one team was eliminated, the remaining two teams attacked each other directly. It the end, it was an impromptu team calling themselves "Women in Black" that was victorious.

The Women in Black were made up of thaumaturge and Spellguard regular Edda Vincents on offense and the astrologian Byldaigeim Tutylwyn on defense. Vincents' powerful spells raised eyebrows, especially as a black sphere of burning embers sent her opponents running. Vincents' spells often have an appearance associated with forbidden magics, which make them unnerving to face. However, Vincents tells the press that her methods are merely a creative manifestation of thaumaturgy. Tutylwyn proved an able defender, defusing spells with her cards, though she was occasionally caught off guard by Tarixxian Voren's swift spellcasting.

The next team was formed by the astrologian Subtle Raptor on defense and the overseer Shoshopu Shopu on offense, using arcanima and Allagan summoning magics to control a miniature incarnation of the primal Leviathan. They decided on the name "Sparkling Turtles". Subtle Raptor had some difficulty maintaining a defense against Vincents' barrage of magic and at one point prioritized her teammate's safety over that of the shield generator that teams are required to protect. However, near the end of the fight she was able to conjure an immense sparkling star that proved impenetrable and prevented the team from being eliminated first.

The final team and the first to be eliminated were the previous Runestone champions, the Frosted Flames, composed of the aetherial dagger-wielding frost specialist Azrat Lariss on defense and the thaumaturge Tarixxian Voren on offense. Lariss was particularly hard-pressed to protect the shield generator against attacks from two fronts: Shoshopu's Leviathan construct and her own arcane projectiles.

The Chronicle spoke to the Women in Black after their win. Byldaigeim Tutylwyn had this message for the public: "Stay in school." Edda Vincents added, "Either that or study hard enough to never need schooling. Or don't study at all, and coast along with an abundance of natural talent."

Spellguard is held at the Mist, Ward 6, twice every moon. For more information turn to this page.

[Editor’s Note - The Crystal Chronicle endorses continuing education, as the world can use more writers and artists]

Realmsward Tournament Results

By Deidra Rose


Champion: Emi Narluna
Armed with: Advanced Astromancy with a Star Globe
Words for the Public: "Even when the cards seem stacked against you, give it the best you've got. You are the master of your own fate."

Second Place: Azura Moonpaw
Armed with: Lance

Both finalists hail from The Gilded Rose.


Nymeia's Aid

By Lihli Nherusa

As many have read in the latest issue, Miss Utsunqu’ur Berry has since left The Crystal Chronicle’s esteemed list of writers. In her place now is myself, Lihli Nherusa, wholly eager to begin my duties as the one who will take over the weekly editions of the Nymeia’s Aid column. I will endeavor to not change the column overly much as it has been set up in a wonderful way already by my predecessor; I trust that you will all continue to send in your questions and hope that my advice will reach the hearts of the realm just as Miss Berry had done before me. Onto this week’s question.

“I’ve been slaving away in a smelting forge, making armor and weapons for my boyfriend and then he goes and tells me he’s more of a thaumaturgy kind of guy! How do I still support him, even as he moves away from the armor I’ve put my heart and soul into for him?
Harried Hammerer”

According to previous issues of which I have followed closely, this question has an answer echoed in many of the other columns: communication. Though I understand fully the hurt feelings that may come along with seeing something you put so much work into fall into disuse, I also sympathize with the man for not feeling comfortable in the role he was currently.

One thing I may suggest to do is sit him down and speak with him, let him know that while you support him fully, you also put a great deal of hard work into the armor that you crafted for him. Perhaps he may be open to still using it in some other conditions? There is also the chance that you may be able to assist him in crafting something else-- a piece or perhaps a full item-- that may help him continue his adventures in thaumaturgy.

I do not believe the issue lies in the fact that the armor will go unused. Instead, it may be a chance for you to take time to communicate with him openly about how you feel and how you would like to proceed from there on. I wish you great luck and have high hopes for your smelting ability.

May Nymeia guide you.

Seeking guidance of your own? Write to Nymeia's Aid using our dedicated moogle courier!

Hearts on Parade

By K.

Clothing can say a great deal about a society or culture, many of us hearing such saying as “rags to riches,” when someone rises from poverty to wealth, or “I feel like a million gil!” when wearing something we consider well tailored to our form and stylish. This holds true even in Limsa Lominsa where fashion takes a front row seat for charity in a fashion walk organized by L'aelwyn Sutorei, a member of the Lilac Ladies Society. This young woman proves that idle hands are not just the void’s playground but can be on the side of light. Fresh off a previous project and looking for a new challenge, Ael, as she prefers to be called, found a calling in championing Moonlight Reverie’s work in caring for children.

On the Thirtieth Sun of Nymeia (4/30), in La Noscea Mist, Ward 7 just northeast of the Mistgate Square Subdivision at Plot 31, the Moonlight Reverie will hold their Fashionable Charity Walk on the lower level of a modest estate; landscaping done in Doman style by Bandee Pakshee for the occasion.”Everythin’ smells like heaven.” (Sutorei). It is here volunteers have constructed a timeless dream of a runway in ebony and ivory and surrounded it with banquet tables and plush cushioned benches which are accented by a constellation of starlight via a star chandelier. All of this combined with the alpine motif on the walls gives an individual the feeling of being among the heavens with the celestial bodies that will be modeling couture collections from Eorzean fashion designers. Featured prominently among these is Mrs. Simi Jinkjahl, an individual who found a home in one of the Midnight Pearl’s outreach programs and become a successful entrepreneur. “My life as a designer grew from there. I have a touch of a habit clothing people, you see, and eventually I started to receive requests beyond those I meant to aid.” (Jinkjahl).

For those of you unfamiliar with the free company, the Midnight Pearl originated with Captain Absolonloix Beaureux who purchased a ship load of slaves from a captured pirate vessel that he may set them free. Beaureux offered employment on his vessel, Midnight Pearl, to those that wished to stay on. This would set the tone for what later became the current free company that is led by Khenbish Monsaran and known for various community services as which are paid for by local businesses and other charitable supporters. The largest of its outreach efforts is Moonlight Reverie which cares for children without families. In this reporter’s opinion there is little more you could offer your time, effort, and gil to than the care of children who are the future of Eorzea and I think this is best ended in the words offered to me by Mrs. Simi Jinkjahl, "May Menphina's light shine love into your words.”

Special Thanks from Moonlight Reverie too: Vhaso’a, Simi, Marques, Marimalade, Q’sehk, Jeannot and all those attending.

Check out this flyer for more information.

Grindstone Results

By Talman Chryses

Champion: Aysa Farland
Armed with: Martial arts
Words for the Public: "Glory to the Golden Tiger!"

Second Place: Aiden Thatcher
Armed with: Greatsword

-Aiden Thatcher spent the entire tournament extremely drunk, tripping over orobons and marmots left and right. Through a combination of luck and skill, he nevertheless managed to stumble his way to victory against almost everyone he happened to collide with.
-On her way to the final, Aysa Farland proved that she could dodge bullets in her fight against the gunslinging Valentinoix Valeriant. After a long fight with Thatcher, she eventually put an end to the tournament by throwing him over her shoulder onto the ground, where he decided to stay.

Crucible Reporters Cause Scene in Gridania

By Deidra Rose

Reporters of the Crucible, a publication based out of Ul'dah, were sighted in Gridania on 26th Nymeia, claiming to be on their way to see “a play or something,” according to Anthony Hawke. The two reporters, Hawke and Chatteloise Voulaizunlezotre - who also goes by Kagome - quickly and publicly devolved into what could be described as a verbal sniping fight, the main topic of which being Voulaizunlezotre's fascination with Doman culture. Hawke insists that Voulaizunlezotre hails from Ishgard while Voulaizunlezotre insists she is, in fact, Doman.

The altercation escalated and Voulaizunlezotre physically pulled Hawke into the stream around the Aetheryte Plaza by his hair. Several more verbal assaults were leveled before the two came to blows, Voulaizunlezotre getting in a good shot at Hawke early on. The fight did not last long enough for officials to get involved as the two were seemingly intimidated by the arrival of the Crucible’s owner - Ebony Wae. Voulaizunlezotre took advantage of Hawke’s distraction to get in a final shot before running away, leaving Hawke standing in the water by himself. Hawke then insisted they were attempting to draw out a fight club in Gridania.

It is unclear what the Crucible reporters were attempting to cover, and no article has emerged about either subject in the Crucible's publication.


Mystic Runestone Results

By Talman Chryses

Champion: Sterrbhar Moenthubyr
Magic Style: Thaumaturge, home-taught
Words for the Public: "Hard work pays off in the end."

Second Place: Tarixxian Voren
Magic Style: Thaumaturge, utilizing runes

-On his way to the final bracket, Moenthubyr defeated last week's champion, the thaumaturge Valis Hollington.
-Both finalists showed skill in adapting aether into new forms when the changing state of play demanded it. Voren was often seen converting his own manawall into projectile shards, while Moenthubyr was able to absorb the aether of fire-based attacks outright, using it to fuel his own spells.


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