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○ Edition #11 - Nymeia, 2nd Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○


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Ample Refreshments to Be Found at Menphina's Bosom

By Utsunqu'ur Berry


I am full glad to say that this week I was able to take a small trip down to the lovely outskirts of Ul’dah. Located within one of the many Wards of the Goblet, a beautiful bar and lounge opens its doors for a weekly occasion of fun and merriment.

Menphina’s Bosom Bar and Lounge is a cozy, one story building with a lovely garden and an even lovelier interior. Upon walking in, one would be met with a cozy little check-in area complete with coat-rack and desk for the proprietress to do her work at. Heading downstairs, however, the real bar and lounge may be found. It warms my heart to say that they have done such wonders with the interior design of the building -- enough so that it gives off such a cozy feeling while still making the room seem open, a true feat for those that know what it is like to design a room.

I was most fortunate to have been able to sit down with the hostess and owner of the Bosom, Lady Narani Kha. Over a cup of their gorgeous Silver Needle tea, of which I am saddened to learn that it is harvested only twice each year, we discussed her trials and the wonders of running one of the increasingly popular bars in the realm. Though the Bosom has been open for a mere single moon, it is already gathering quite the following of people who love the atmosphere and the wonderful drinks. Among the many drinks that they serve from their menu, which includes a wide array of wines, lagers, mixed drinks and teas, is a few of their specialties: Menphina’s Milk, a line of primal-inspired cocktails, and a few non-alcoholic drinks unique to the Bosom. Menphina’s Milk especially is found nowhere else and is said to be one of the recommended drinks for the bar. One would wholeheartedly recommend giving it a shot if you are interested!

Though there seem to be many cafes and bars popping up each day, it warms my heart to say that you could do no worse than to come seek refreshment and enjoyment at the Bosom. Lady Narani is a lovely personality and will make you feel quite at home. Should you not believe me, look only to her parting words: “If you are looking for an easy going atmosphere and good drinks then Menphina’s Bosom will happily fill those needs. We invite you to our little slice of home nestled in the warm sands of the Goblet; come in and take a load off and just simply enjoy yourself!” Truly, seek out the Bosom for yourself to see the splendors and it is my hope that you will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, lovely people, and the great company that you are sure to find there.

[ If you’d like to find out more about Menphina’s Bosom Bar and Lounge, feel free to check out this page for all the info … including their menu! ]


Darksteel Keep Hosts Talent Competition

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Saeko Kazehaya


This week members of the Darksteel Keep college entertained Gridanians at Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre with the first round of auditions for their upcoming talent show. The competition will continue next week with those who made it to the next round. With Moonlit Frostweaver as master of ceremonies, the audience got to see comedy, a juggler, two musical performances, a poetry reading and an alchemical demonstration.

The musical acts got plenty of applause, as did the poet and the juggling act, though the latter ended in catastrophe, with the juggler's bottles of alcohol slipping from her grasp and their contents covering the juggler. The audience was nonetheless entertained.

Reactions to the comedy routines were mixed, to say the least. It would seem that Gridanian audiences do not take kindly to puns. One comedian disappeared from the stage at great speed, making the comment "Yeesh, tough crowd." Another comedian was hit in the face with a piece of fruit thrown from the crowd, briefly stunning him. A later comedian was involved in the alchemical demonstration, in which the alchemist gave her a potion that appeared to kill her, and then another that miraculously healed her. The audience did not seem altogether disappointed to see her fall down unconscious.

In the end, the poet, one of the singers, the alchemist and one of the comedians were chosen to move on to the final round which will be held at the same time next week.

Nymeia's Aid

By Utsunqu'ur Berry

“Dear Mrs. Berry,
Due to the nature of my letter, I’ve given an alias I go by. Sorry for however this troubles you.

When I first came to Eorzea from Doma, I dreamed of the life I would lead here much like the majority of my kind. Had I known what I would end up doing back then, I would have stayed and lived as a recluse. Ever since I stepped foot in Ul’dah, my life has been a downward spiral. What little money I had was taken from me. With nowhere else to go, I took to a life of crime. I found myself in a group that used me as a ‘cook’. The products of my ‘cooking’ hurt and impacted a large number of people.

Besides this example, I’ve done bad things. Very bad things. Does this mean that I’m a bad person? That the Twelve view me with as much disregard as they do towards a morbol? I did them under duress and had no choice, but when I gaze into the darkness at night, I’m haunted by what I’ve done. Is there any way that I can redeem myself to the Twelve?

It is understandable to me after reading this why you have chosen to use an alias. I do not condone what you have done.. However, I can not condemn you for the choices you have had to make after such a tough experience in life. Just as well, it is not my place to judge you nor would I even begin to make an attempt at doing so.

It matters not to the Twelve if you have done terrible things in your lifetime.. But that you atone for them in an appropriate manner. I know not your situation nor will I ask you to share it if you are not comfortable; the Twelve, however, sees all. It speaks volumes that you are stricken by guilt from what you’ve been made to do. I believe wholeheartedly that were you to attempt to atone, the Twelve would forgive you in time and your soul, may you be blessed in your atonement that you may rise to one of the Heavens, would be swept away from the possibility of falling to the deepest Hell.

I would suggest that you begin making amends for the crimes you have committed. If they are incredibly severe, I might suggest that you give yourself over to a sanctuary to avoid persecution at the hands of others.. Though I am unsure if such advice is truly adhering to the law of the lands. Nevertheless, your soul and your mortal body would be unable to make amends if you were taken in by authorities and summarily executed.

If you are still unsure of how to atone for your wrongdoings, you may thus send me another letter or a more private one to my location at Nymeia’s Adytum. However, you have the means and the will to do so. I beg that you change your life before you truly can not rectify what you have done. In Nymeia’s name, I pray that you will turn your fate into something more worthwhile of a person of your heritage. And do get out of Ul’dah.

May Nymeia guide you.

Seeking guidance of your own? Write to Nymeia's Aid using our dedicated moogle courier!

Combat Sports Roundup

By Talman Chryses, Additional Reporting By Shio Maeda, Pictures By Shio Maeda and Saeko Kazehaya

Mystic Runestone


Champion: Marcette Lavellen, Second Runestone Win
Magic Style: Arcanist, using purely unaspected aether. Also hexes, smog magic and Allagan summoning magic.
Words for the Public: "The Wandering Tonberry is recruiting and you will get to have me, Dr. Marcette Lavellen keep you well. Oh, and Hi Mom!"

Second Place: Belgorian Spellsmith
Magic Style: Speechcraft, mind-control tricks
Unavailable for comment due to being blasted far from the battlefield

Highlights: Proceedings were briefly interrupted due to a member of the audience being arrested by the Immortal Flames, who took her to be Kataani Hawkeye, who is wanted for a variety of crimes.

For more pictures by Saeko Kazehaya, turn to this page.

For more information on the Mystic Runestone, see this page.

Realmsward Initiative Tournament


Champion: Claire Harte, of Yojimbo
Fighting Style: Aetherially charged Kettles, used as fist weapons, and teeth.
Words for the Public: "I truly could not have been here to fight if it were not for my company. This win is because of them. My parting words: cherish life, all life, no matter what. At the end of the day, we are all children of Hydaelyn." "Let no one ever underestimate kettles again."

Second Place: Yusui Jhin
Fighting Style: Thaumaturgy, general aether manipulation and staff.

Highlights: The two finalists traded awe-inspiring blasts of aether, absorbing what had been cast their way and sending it back in a new form. After the match, Yusui turned out to have a violent and painful physical reaction to healing magics, which caused contention between Harte's comrades, other members of the audience and the Realmsward organizers.

For more information on the Realmsward Initiative Tournament, check this poster.



Champions: Team Blood and Sand
Offense: Raven Belmont, straightforward thaumaturgy
"Even amateurs can get in the spotlight, just do your best."
Defense: Mandy Arixan, conjury, especially healing
"Don't underestimate a skinny bitch offa the Lane."

Second Place: Team Meat and Marshmallows
Offense: Shou Lushan, Rhalgrite thaumaturge, with some added arcanima
"Know yourself, and know both infinity and nothing, reflected."
Defense: Josiah Covey, basic conjury
"I suppose if there's anything I'd like others to know, it would be this: I will see peace in Eorzea. For those that have been wronged, I will give them my shield, and my heart."

Highlights: At the end of the match, Covey attempted to block Belmont's final attack with his own body in a manner reminiscent of the previous Spellguard, injuring him severely.

For more information on Spellguard, see this page.



Champion: Alleria Surlaint, of House De'bayle
Armed with: Sword and shield, heavy armor
Words for the Public: "If you give up after failing once or twice you'll never see your true potential shine."

Second Place: Denz De'bayle, also of House De'bayle
Armed with: Greatsword, heavy armor

Highlights: The Grindstone was replete with Ishgardian contestants this week, with a riveting fight between two dragoons, Livicette Rillemont and Reinhardt Pendragon, and several fights between members of House De'bayle, including, of course, the final match, won by a mere squire. Perhaps she will be moving up in the ranks soon!

For more information on Grindstone, see this flyer.


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