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○ Edition #14 - Nymeia, 24th Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○


No announcements made this cycle

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Palazzo Aldenard Presents: Biota

By Shio Maeda

(Above) Many guests enjoyed the garden, opting to spend some time in the quiet outdoors for their evening.
(Right) Chouwa Morrison took to the stage to waltz with a flaming illusion.
(Below) Dondubhan Kelly and Etani’a Sedi performed a duet.
Guests applaud Leanne Delphium for her performance.
Mishi Mizuchi put on a rather extravagant show.
(Below) Alus Beauregard and Perth Driscoll enjoyed a dance.
(Right) Sisters Teirra Lihzeh, Ashyah Lihzeh, and Khloe Fashonti celebrated Teirra’s birthday at the masquerade.
(Above) Kasumi Gakunin embraced the “flora and fauna” theme and dressed like a deer.
(Below) The masquerade attracted all walks of life, including a very large moogle.
The Palazzo Cast: Perne Archevauliere, Francette Dardenau, Leanne Delphium, Raeje Draeka, Kasumi Gakunin, Ciel Grayve, Dondúbhan, Kelly Mishi, Mizuchi Chouwa, Morrison, Etani'a Sedi, Oleandre Torchier, Sela Wyssrael, and Director Oliandre Torchier.

A Dinner in Doma

By Gillemont Lachapelle, Pictures By Lektrie Lacewrench and R'tehz Tia

Doma is, and always has been, a land built upon tradition. Perhaps this stems from the pride placed in the country; a pride which holds fast against Garlean occupation. Regardless of the source, the Doman people are truly an inspiration and nothing shows their pride better than the zeal which these people put forth within the preparation of their cuisine.

It was nothing more than morbid curiosity which initially drew me into “Saika”, a restaurant located in the Lavender Beds. Truth be told, my own experience with Doman food is nil, so my entry into this location was nothing if not a leap of faith. Salty and savory scents sought their way to my nose from the first step I took into the establishment, only to be made more pleasant by the greeting of a lovely Lalafell woman at the welcome desk. With a big smile and a personality to match, the woman took me to my seat and assured me that everything would be above and beyond expectation. If only she had known how much she’d under-exaggerated!


The first thing I noticed as I took my seat and awaited my server was the décor: Doman with a small hint of our very own Limsa Lominsan. The combination, while some may not believe it to be likely, works quite well in the favor of Saika.

Taking my seat in a rather comfortable booth, I took up the menu to be greeted by something marvelous! The menu is as most would like it: Large and full of something for everyone, but concise enough as to avoid overwhelming or confusing those who already know what they are in the mood for eating!

My attention was swiftly drawn to my waitress; a dark-haired Au Ra dressed in Doman attire which greatly complimented the surroundings. she had brought with her a fresh pot of tea and a bowl of Miso Soup, complimentary to those dining at Saika. The Buffalo Ribs, or Kalbi, were in her opinion one of the more delicious morsels to be chosen on the menu. And so I obliged, whilst also ordering the Ebi Crunch Maki and the Faerie Bass Sashimi with a side of their white rice.

While my waitress was away to deliver my order, I had the opportunity to delve into the Miso Soup. Made fresh each day, the dish starts with a fish broth and other seasonings then is simmered to allow the flavors to develop within the stock, this soup is served containing sliced tofu and seaweed. The flavor defies what you might expect, diving straight past ‘fishy’ and into the realm of salty and savory!

After a bit of time and enjoying the Soup and Rice, which was simple as rice should be, my main course was delivered to me. Starting with the Buffalo Ribs, I found myself immersed in the unlikely…sweetness! Yes, the ribs in fact carried a sweet flavor! Wrapped by your own hands in a lettuce leaf, the rib meat maintains its texture, despite falling straight from the bone! It is truly marvelous, if I do say so myself! Perhaps my favorite dish from the night was the Ebi Crunch Maki, a rolled delicacy with fried shrimp, cucumbers, and pear. The cucumber and fried shrimp very much met the expectation of any item with the word ‘crunch’ in the name! Fitting to end a meal of texture was the Faerie Bass Sashimi. For the uninitiated, as I was and still am, sashimi is thinly sliced raw fish. No cooking, no seasoning, just the raw flavors of the fish in question. Allow me to say that this was a unique experience and most certainly one I wish to repeat. The Faerie Bass, a staple to the common folk of fishing towns, displays its true appeal when left almost completely untouched. The soft flavors of the bass served a unique juxtaposition against the firm texture of the flesh itself, serving as a satisfying conclusion to my meal.


As I finished up, I had the opportunity to speak with the owner and proprietor of the venue, a Xaela woman who goes by the name Oyun. Speaking with her was pleasant and opened my eyes to the soul of the dishes available at Saika. Mademoiselle Oyun spent a fair portion of her life living at a refuge known as Concordia and cites her time spent with her fellows of the Near East as the main inspiration for Saika. Despite being with child, Mademoiselle Oyun is also the head chef of the restaurant, waking up each morning to prepare the dishes for the day. When asked about her favorite menu item, Oyun stated that she believed the Unagi, a dish made by grilling and steaming eel, was in her opinion the soul of the restaurant and embodied what Doman cuisine was about. She also recommended that those readers who are feeling rather adventurous should tell their server they wish for ‘Omakase’ and give a budget you’re willing to meet. The chefs will be more than happy to provide you whatever they feel is best! Mademoiselle Oyun ended our interview stating that "So long as our guest enjoy their food and feel at ease--at home--I cannot ask for more." She makes sure to mention however "But also respect others who also may call our halls home."

As someone completely new to the concept of Doman cuisine, I can safely say that Saika provided an excellent experience as well as an entry into Doman eating. Without a doubt I can say I will be returning before long. With such in mind, I rate Saika as Five Unagi out of Five!

The Isle of Paradise: A Home for the Arts

By Yachiyo Kaneuchi


With so many groups and organizations having dedicated themselves to the furtherment of their cause through fighting and conflict, one’s mind often wanders towards the more simpler and self-fulfilling hobbies in life. With that in mind, I paid a visit to the Isle of Paradise to cover several events and found myself stunned at the sight that awaited me once I stepped inside of the company’s estate. There was a certain elegance put on display for all to gaze upon. The organization takes itself quite seriously, and after a brisk walk down to the wonderful performance area located in the lower levels, I found myself thoroughly impressed.

While scheduling conflicts made it hard to attend all three events that the organization offers, I was still able to be present for the Theater class in the middle of the week, taught by the Isle of Paradise’s affiliate, Vaughn Antain. As the lesson began, Mr. Antain serenaded his students with a lovely song of his own creation. One by one, fellow students in attendance were tasked with discussing what their favorite season was and why they enjoyed it as an exercise. Class was dismissed fairly quickly, though the students were tasked with attending the poetry class in two moons. Mr. Antain was kind enough to take time out of his day to sit down and discuss the organization as well as his Theater class.

Yachiyo Kaneuchi: “First, what inspired you to start a class such as this? I've heard of people teaching how to use martial skills, even cooking, but classes dedicated to the arts? This is definitely a first for me.”

Vaughn Antain: “Well, I saw a flier for this school, the Isles of Paradise, and it looked interesting. They were looking for teachers, I was recently...out of work, so I applied. But honestly, I've been performing for many, many years. I enjoy it, and I like to see others come into their own voice through music as I have."

Y.K.: “What are some examples of exercises or assignments that students or attendees are tasked with completing if they wish to discover their love of performance?"

V.A.: "Well, we have just begun, so today you saw me give my first assignment. But all in all, practise. I'll give a theme, and over four weeks we'll see the performances and refine them to give a better voice until they are completely happy with their works."

Y.K.: "Do you have any future plans to work alongside the Isle of Paradise, such as a new class or an event that directly benefits them?"

V.A.: "I haven't given it much thought. But if they asked, I would certainly do such. They seem a fine group of people, with a lot of talent."

Y.K.: “Do you have any advice you can offer for aspiring students who wish to attend a lesson?"

V.A.: "Yes. Just attend. Push back any fears and go for it. Easier said than done, I know, but that's how one starts anything, yes? The class is free, so it's monetarily sound. There are ports and wagons going in and out of Ul'dah constantly, so there's easy access to a central location. Most of all, while judging the work is part of the lesson, it's also meant to push you past your cocoon to become the brilliant butterfly you know you are!"


Y.K.: "Do you have anything you want to add or say outside of what we have discussed?"

V.A.: "A future plan is to have the class, or whoever is interested, perform at our wedding reception. It will be a long ways off, as this development happened just recently, but it would be the most heartwarming thing, I think."

If you’re a reader who is curious about the exciting world of the creative arts, look no further than the Isle of Paradise! From the Crystal Chronicle, we offer our congratulations to Mr. Antain and his fiancée, and wish them a happy bonding!


Mystic Runestone

By Talman Chryses

Champion: Valis Hollington
Magic Style: Thaumaturge
Words for the Public: "Magic is really important. It's part of how the world works, after all, and anyone has the ability to use it if they work for it! Though I don't really like fighting those mini-Primals that sometimes get thrown about here. That's a bit of cop-out, if you ask me."

Second Place: "Shiver"
Magic Style: Chilling!

Shiver seemed to find the final match very enjoyable, praising her opponent at every turn. At one point, wielding his eye-catching black staff, Valis summoned a manaward in a blinding flash of light, absorbing a swarm of ice shards from all directions. Later, he was able to manipulate a large ball of fiery aether to fall on his opponent like a comet.

Nymeia's Aid

By Utsunqu'ur Berry

I have some small announcement, though it does not please me to say such, in that I will be stepping down from my duties as a freelance writer. Though I have much enjoyed my time in doing so, I find my life growing ever busier and the time to do such things lessens considerably. To those who have read my articles, I thank you. To those I have helped, know that you have warmed my soul and made my time enjoyable. I urge you to continue writing in to The Crystal Chronicle, as the Nymeia’s Aid column will continue to live on through another close follower of the Spinner, Lihli Nherusa. I pray that she will continue to help any and all those as I have done here.

“Dear Utsu,
I’ve been meaning to get out of my home more and be more of a people person in hopes of finding a nice group of friends or associates. I tend to spend all day locked up in my workshop with only my mechanical works to keep me company.

The thing is that I have two prosthetics that I’m rather self-conscious about. During a brief tour of duty, I lost my right arm and foot to an explosion. They both are a very sore area for me to go into, but I don’t want others seeing them. What do I do if I become close to some people and have to eventually show them?
Yvonne Firepeak”

Truly, it warms my heart that my last question to be answered in my time here with The Crystal Chronicle is to be such a genuine one. I extend towards you not pity but sympathy, for you have served the realm well and deserve such kindness and friendship.

It is common, I find, for soldiers to lose limbs upon their tours; combat is a horrendous but necessary thing and many train for it all of their years and yet still may lose their lives for the risk they take in protecting others. When such things happen, it is only natural for them to seek out prosthetics to replace what they no longer have -- in your case, your arm and foot. There are glamours to cover such things up and even more of the higher-priced models have a realism to them that is nigh unbelievable. I know not which you have though I would like to say this: do not be ashamed of any of it.

Where you may see only missing limbs, others see a woman who has fought for the realm and the protection of others. It is an admirable thing that no one would look strangely at you for. Nor would any blame you for not revealing such things right away. I encourage you to take time to feel out the area, seek out bars or cafes.. Perhaps some tea? Friendship in Eorzea is ever easy to find and most welcome by a large majority of the population. You may even find others that share your interest in mechanical creations. Thus do I believe that your prosthetics would be the last thing on anyone’s mind and rightly so.. As it should be on yours. Take pride in what you have done and others will not shun you for it. I wish you well.

May Nymeia guide you.

Seeking guidance of your own? Write to Nymeia's Aid using our dedicated moogle courier!


Grindstone Results

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Shio Maeda

Champion: Eshyn Veneanar, Grindstone first-timer
Armed with: Allagan Greatsword
Words for the Public: "I'd like to say that I look forward to those far and wide to challenge my title. I look forward to seeing the best of the best fight at the Grindstone."

Second Place: Oliver Delvants, former Dragoon
Armed with: Spear and dagger

-Early rounds were dominated by a mysterious giant moogle, armed with a Kupo Nut launcher and improbable physical strength.
-In the final moments of the championship match, Veneanar wrestled Delvants' own dagger away from him and forced him to the ground, ending the fight.

Diamonds in the Rough

By K.

Love is a many splendored thing and sometimes you have to dig deep to find the diamonds in the rough. Alternatively, you can go see L’rinhi Kett and Serenity Maescia for Singles’ Night at the Wayfarer’s, located in the Goblet, Ward 6, Plot 58, Southwest Subdivision. It is here every other week citizens of Eorzea can come to meet potential suitors. Here the company, led by L’rinhi Kett and Serenity Maescia, has been providing a safe place for singles to meet, drink, and mingle free of charge. Participants are asked to wear Blue if they are seeking a male suitor, Red for female suitor, or Purple if you like to cast a wide net.

The experience starts with a warm smiling greeting from Serenity Maescia, whose cheerful demeanor will set any nerves you may have at ease before you head in. The grounds decorated with a white stone path that curves past a romantic cherry blossom shaded patio just to the side. A charming wooden home in the style of Gridanian architecture awaits at the end of this path and inside visitors are greeted

by mood lighting and a small lounge space complete with crackling fireplace and mini bar. Downstairs is the main bar and as much seating as can be comfortably navigate with other singles waiting to mingle.

If you think you’ll need courage, bring a wingman and ask one of the staff for one of their amazing house specials. There is always something new being crafted by their artisan bartenders. During his visit, this reporter not only had a great conversation with a handsome individual but got to sample the newest creation for the next event made with delicious rolanberry. On busy nights you can invite your special someone to get some air outside viewing an amazing starlit Thanalan vista with a romantic stroll. This reporter, for one, will be back again hoping to meet up with that handsome individual again.

[Editor’s Note: For more information regarding Wayfarer’s Rest, please see this page.]

An Interview with O'byahta Odah

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Shadottie

Last week, the Chronicle reported on the trial of O'byahta Odah, a foreigner, before Ishgard's Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine. A professional "problem solver," O'byahta had been commissioned by Clan Centurio to slay a S Rank monster known as the Nucklavee that was plaguing the Western Highlands. However, in the process of organizing a group of adventurers to take on the beast, Odah ran into trouble with the Temple Knights and after it was slain, she was arrested on charges of obstruction of justice, kidnapping, foul magicks, and heresy. As was reported before, the Inquisitor was not impressed by Odah's defense but she was cleared of all charges through a trial by combat, in which her adventurer comrades fought on her behalf.

Public opinion has been ambivalent in the wake of the trial. Is the mute Miqo'te a hero or a heretic? While the Nucklavee's curse has been lifted, much about the circumstances of Odah's arrest remain unclear. This week the Chronicle sought an interview with Odah herself to hear her side of the story.


What exactly was the Nucklavee, and how did you slay it?

The Nucklavee is a creature from Ishgardian legend. Odah described it to our reporter as "an ancient voidsent. It was terrible and wroth. A half horse half man creature, like a centaur but far, far worse." It turned out, however, that the creature plaguing Western Coerthas was not in fact the real Nucklavee, but a colony of smaller creatures, probably voidsent themselves, that had taken on its shape. The nature of these creatures was even more sinister than the Nucklavee of legend. Odah describes them as "worm-like creatures" with various malignant abilities, including the power to hide from sight and bestow a powerful curse with their bite, turning any food the victim tried to eat into ash. In the shape of the Nucklavee, they had repeatedly attacked Ishgardian settlements and corrupted food supplies. Says Odah, "Ishgard believed the beast left behind a poisonous mist. In fact, it was these worms."

The disposal of these beings was not easy. Odah hired a group of adventurers to aid her, including the Free Company known as the Outriders and some Vath from Dravania. After a period of intensive research, the group determined that a gaseous repellent could make the creatures visible and that they would always transport themselves to one of their own who came under attack. Using this knowledge, Odah's company lured all of the creatures to a frozen lake, where a team of Vath doused them in repellant. Others then dropped explosives on them from an airship. Any remains were soon permanently frozen in the lake. None of this was achieved without a serious fight, with many falling under the monstrous worms' curse. Among the casualties was Ser Venessiel, one of the Temple Knights investigating Odah for heresy, who had decided to aid in the fight. This did not prevent her from promptly arresting Odah after victory was assured.

Why did the Temple Knights get involved?

According to Odah, the Temple Knights started to take an interest in the campaign when their research into the Nucklavee led them to acquire a copy of the Maleficarum, an encoded magical tome from Sharlayan's Gubal Library. The book was considered to be heretical by the Halonic Church. Odah says that the knights Sers Venessiel and Wulfram attacked her and attempted to take the volume. Venessiel was the knight who brought the charges against Odah, and Wulfram was mentioned at the trial many times by Odah's advocates, who sought to question his character. While the Knights claimed that Odah used unknown magicks to defend herself, Odah says that this was purely fictional and what happened was that her adventurer allies arrived and fended off the knights. However, she also claims to have no memories of the incident.

Regarding the charge of kidnapping Ser Venessiel, Odah's story is no less confusing than the one heard at the trial. "After I did not use foul magic to protect myself, I was defeated as well. Quite severely. With a spear. By a Vath friend. Who did very good. And, I woke up in the Outriders HQ medical bay, handcuffed to a wall. A few days later, we found Lady Venessiel. Handcuffed to my bed. Let me clarify: I absolutely was unconscious, and, have no idea what happened to the knights after I was knocked out."

With all of this, Odah's defense was reasonably weak, since some of the charges were undeniable or lacking in evidence that could easily refute them. It seems that Odah's defense team were well aware of the weakness of her case and were fully prepared for a trial by combat as an alternative.

Tell us about your present work on lifting the Nucklavee's curse.

Odah is skilled in dealing with curses, and having been set free, she has set to work on reversing the worms' curse of ashen food. She says, "It's far, far easier to simply change who is targeted by a curse than to cure it. I simply took those curses upon myself, and tried my usual work to break curses." Odah's initial work was not successful, but she has struck upon a strategy for transferring the curses to plants. The saplings are immune to the curse and as long as they are well-tended, the curse will not revert to its previous target. Notably, as a sign of goodwill towards Ishgard, Odah has inflicted fifty-four curses upon herself so far, so as to liberate their previous targets. It seems likely that everyone that Odah has helped in Ishgard will contribute to reversing some of her reputation as a dangerous heretic.



By Deidra Rose

Champion: Panther
Armed with: Daggers and Magic
Words for the Public: "Beware the shadows the Panther stalks."

Second Place: Titus Kagimake
Armed with: Lance

The Realmsward Tournament allowed for a Hatching Tide event this week, as Von Sayrillont announced that as an additional holiday aspect to this week’s event, combatants could bid on their fighting partner – including officiants. Braxis Wynterwulf, last week’s Realmsward Champion, bid to fight Sayrillont herself; however, Sayrillont defeated Wynterwulf and proceeded to go on in the tournament herself. She bested Hinami Seikatsu before being stopped by Titus Kagimake – another lance wielder, who went on to compete in the semifinals against Kyekyekaru Nanakaru – a caster of Arcanima using a Sharlayan codex. Titus Kagimake emerged victorious from the fight with Kyekyekaru Nanakaru, continuing into the finals against ‘Panther’, a user of daggers and magic.

Titus on his win against Von:
"I consider myself lucky with that win. Von fought valiantly and I was just able to surprise her to achieve victory."

Sadith Escher, 27, of Limsa Lominsa, passed away unexpectedly on the 15th Sun, Nymeia. He was born to Suladi Soladi (Mother) and Aramith Escher (Father) on the 13th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon. Those who knew him briefly scorned him as the Panty Raider. A deviant man who only sought to fulfill his foolish desires in grotesque fashion. Those few who were close to him saw the act for what it was: a ruse conjured by a broken man to cover his depression.

In a time where people did nothing but work, Sadith did what he could in only the way he could to remind people to smile for he himself hid behind a fake one. With any luck his death will cause us to reflect on ourselves, remind us that a real smile is the most powerful emotional response we people can have. We should take a moment out of our busy lives to just stop, do something funny and laugh about it with our friends. To enjoy ourselves in a moment of solitude. He fought his demons and lost, Let us not do the same.

He was the last in his family line and now joins them in the lifestream along with his son. He is survived by his wife, Lektrie Lacewrench, and two of those he considered his close friends, Deidra Rose and Lila Lacewrench. May we remember him for the joy he brought and not the cringe he was so talented at causing. Remember the good times in your own way, let his memory be a bright one.

He loved his friends. He loved his wife and he never truly meant harm to anyone. He will be missed dearly. It has been decided that his funeral be a private occasion, handled by his wife. His wishes were to be cremated.


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