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○ Edition #13 - Nymeia, 17th Sun ○

○ Editor-In-Chief: Deidra Rose ○

O'byahta Odah Acquitted in Trial by Combat

By Talman Chryses, Additional Reporting By K.


On the 12th Sun of this Moon, our reporters were able to observe the trial of a foreigner, O'byahta Odah, by Ishgard's Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine. O'byahta Odah is known in Coerthas for her membership in a group of adventurers commissioned to slay a plague of monsters in the western highlands, including the dreaded Nucklavee. Despite the success of this mission, Odah was brought to trial on charges of obstruction of justice, the use of foul magicks, kidnapping, and heresy.

The case was a complicated one, but the Inquisitor presiding over it was soon ready to rule against Odah. In anticipation of a unfavorable judgement, which could carry a sentence of execution, the defense instead requested a trial by combat. Three of Odah's comrades faced off against three Temple Knights and were victorious, thus securing Odah's innocence in the eyes of the Fury, according to ancient Ishgardian tradition.

Details of the case

The case against Odah was brought by Ser Ilione de Venessiel, a Knight of the Holy See. While Odah was present in the courtroom, she was unable to speak on her own behalf. Instead, she was represented by her comrades S'seri Loh and Ryuka Yumitori. Since the support of an Ishgardian citizen is needed for a defense, they were also accompanied by the Lady Ariana Bourcie by request of the court. The trial was presided over by Inquisitor Alexandre du Papillonoux. In the audience were the diverse group of adventurers that were Odah's comrades, along with interested citizens and members of the press.


The prosecution was not required to make a presentation of their case, but were able to present replies to the defense's arguments at the discretion of the Inquisitor. Thus the trial began with Odah's representatives pleading in her favor. The defense denied the charges of foul magicks, kidnapping and heresy, but admitted one: an assault on a Temple Knight, thereby obstructing an investigation of heresy.

The heresy charge:
This revolved around Odah's possession of a book from the Sharlayan Gubal Library, known as the Maleficarum. The defense argued that this book was necessary for information about the beast they were commission to hunt, and that possession of it did not constitute heresy. The book was surrendered into the possession of the court.

The assault and obstruction charge:
Ser Venessiel of the prosecution and her fellow knight Ser Wulfram had attempted to investigate the possession of the tome in question. A fight broke out between the knights and Odah, who had supposedly refused to cooperate. Much of the discussion in the courtroom revolved around whether the knights realized the Odah was mute. Ser Venessiel claimed that she had in fact heard the defendant speak on one occasion, while the defense argued that she could not speak and had been afraid for her life when the knights took her silence as resistance.

The foul magicks charge:
Odah stood accused of using some unknown mind dominating magick to force Ser Venessiel to submit. The defense did not directly rebut this claim.

The kidnapping charge:
This part of the case was especially confusing. It seems that Ser Venessiel and perhaps Odah herself had been taken to a certain house. Most of the discussion involve the defense casting aspersions upon Ser Wulfram, though nothing was concluded here. Inquisitor du Papillonoux took offense to what he took to be the unwarranted slander of a son of Ishgard.

Judgement interrupted

Though the argument seemed far from over, the Inquisitor had heard enough and was about to render judgement upon Odah and her companions as well when he was interrupted by the entrance of Ser Ramona Zale, Knight of House Haillenarte. Ser Zale reminded the Inquisitor of the new role of Parliament in upholding Ishgard's laws, and the importance of fairness to citizens of other states given Ishgard's resumed membership in the Eorzean Alliance. As a result, the Inquisitor decided to refrain from summary judgement of Odah's companions, though he did not change his judgement regarding Odah. However, during this time the defense was able to deliberate and change their approach, instead asking for a trial by combat.

Trial by combat

The Inquisitor agreed to the trial by combat, but insisted that the defense fight three Temple Knights at once to win Odah's freedom. In the end, the defense chose Ryuka Yumitori, Avex Shouvome and Talan Yeager. The prosecution chose Ser Venessiel and two more knights Ser Talon and Ser Vaillan. A fierce battle ensued, with Yumitori quickly subduing Ser Venessiel and joining her comrades against the other two knights. Though this was not against the rules, protests could be heard from some Ishgardians in the audience. Yeager was defeated, but his comrades went to win the battle, and the Inquisitor acquitted Odah of all charges.

In the next issue, the Crystal Chronicle will be following up with O'byahta Odah to learn more about her story and her efforts as an adventurer on behalf of Ishgard.

Nymeia's Aid

By Utsunqu'ur Berry

“Miss Berry,
I know someone who has done harm. As he hurts people in dangerous ways, he will continue to do harm. He has shown no remorse for his ways. Yet- he acts strictly within the law. At what point is it morally justified to act against him? To what level?

I pray that you will forgive me for not answering such a sensitive question sooner; though it arrived to me personally, the contents concerned me and I made time to pray over such things and seek guidance from the Twelve. I do not know how much comfort I can give you with my words nor do I have any easy answers. Yet, I will do my best and relay to you what has been shown to me.

Though I advised another who sent me a letter to seek shelter and gave her guidance on how to seek atonement, I can not do so here. Where she held immense guilt over what she has done, it is my belief that you are true in telling me that he has no remorse for how he is hurting others. I do not know in which way he hurts them so I may only expect the worst as such. If he truly operates within the realm of the law, then it is up to you to seek assistance in making sure that he no longers harms others; though typical authorities will not help you, there are other avenues you may take. Getting him help through someone experienced with psychology is one such idea though if the man is unpredictable, you may not know how he will react. Guard yourself well and seek to take precautions to guard those he associates himself with. Exposure may be a necessary thing for this man. I confess, I do not envy your situation nor does it warm my heart.. I wish you all the luck with this but he must be stopped in any way possible. I pray that you find assistance in helping to safeguard others even if you must expose him along the way. Pray take care of yourself.

May Nymeia guide you.

Seeking guidance of your own? Write to Nymeia's Aid using our dedicated moogle courier!

Spellguard Results

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Saeko Kazehaya


Champions: Team Frosted Flames
Offense: Tarixxian Voren, thaumaturgy. Trademark attack: aspected aetherial spears.
"Succumb to your corruption."
Defense: Azrat Lariss, Champion of last week’s Runestone, ice manipulation and golemcraft, ice-aspected aetherial daggers
"It's trying times in Eorzea, but our group's changing. The [Eldritch]Collective's done many things in the past but we're looking to stand with the other Free Companies of Eorzea in the coming Moons."

Second Place: Love and Rockets
Offense: Edda Vincents, instinctual thaumaturge
Defense: Leonnaux Altoix, arcanima and shields

To stares of disbelief, Azrat Lariss utterly nullified a complex lightning spell from Shou Lushan by punching the entire area with an animated fist of ice.
In celebration of Hatching-tide, Spellguard overseer Shoshopu Shopu gave out consolation eggs to every team that was eliminated.


Runestone Special: Champion Versus Overseer

By Talman Chryses

The 105th Mystic Runestone tournament this week saw the revival of an old tradition: every 5th Runestone, the Champion will get the option of increasing their winnings by challenging the Curator, who is currently the astrologian Leah Leyweaver. After a long battle with Belgorian Spellsmith, the championship was claimed by Midori Manadori, a newcomer to the Runestone. She decided to accept the Curator's challenge, though was unable to stand against Leyweaver's overpowering magicks.


Championship Match

Midori Manadori, the champion, was a newcomer to the Runestone and a member of the company Yojimbo, whose members have also recently won at the Grindstone and Realmsward tournaments. She primarily relied on arcanima, adapting some principles of thaumaturgy and conjury into her spellcasting technique, an effective combination, despite to mixed magic styles.

Manadori's opponent was the Runestone regular Belgorian Spellsmith, whose mental control techniques are unpopular with audiences and contestants alike, but are undeniably effective. After some controversy with a disgruntled contestant, the Runestone overseers clarified that the shell necklace worn by each contestant to deflect spells works against Spellsmith's suggestions just as well as against any spell. Manadori did not have to rely on the necklace however, showing that she could overcome Spellsmith's influence through concentration and distraction. Amidst an intense battle for control over two carbuncles and Manadori's own mind, Manadori kept her cool and when threw out spells when possible to whittle down Spellsmith's shields. Though it took a while, the strategy worked and Spellsmith was forced to concede.

Bonus Round

After being congratulated by her comrades, Manadori decided to take up the Curator's challenge, saying "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Stepping down from the rock to the field of battle for the first time since taking up the Curator's mantle, Leah Leyweaver proved that she still had the skills that had won her tournaments in the past. Though Midori held her own for a while and got in a good hit with her carbuncle, she was unable to fend off Leyweaver's barrage of astromantic spells, including aetherial lances, swarms of cards, and an unavoidable rain of multiple-aspected stars. After this thrilling display, Manadori was still able to claim her prize, and was not upset at all at having lost her match with Leyweaver. "This was a wonderful experience. I didn't come here expecting to go all the way. I just wanted to give it my best. Seeing so many different arts being put to use, getting to pit myself against them. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out."

For more information on the Runestone, turn to this page.

Eorzea Mode: Searching for Style

By S.

In this edition of Eorzea Mode I’ll be featuring two outfits spotted on the streets of Ul’dah, as the lack of submitted ensembles forced me to go and do field work of all things. (I didn’t take this job so I’d have to leave my home office. Honestly.) So, bereft to leave my desk but driven by the most noble of all purposes- the desire to get paid- I headed for the sunbaked, golden streets of the Sultana’s City.

Ana D’Mira

The Twelve saw fit to make my life blessedly easy for I stumbled upon a rather striking look right away. “Who is that hyur and what does she have against trousers?” I wondered as I approached. Well, that hyur was one Ana D’mira, leader of the Queen’s Armada- an organization dedicated to “renewing and restoring Eorzea.” (For those of you wondering: the Armada’s charter does not include a moratorium on pants.) D’mira’s work does not often allow her to wear finery- based on our brief conversation I assume this is because she is often spattered with the blood of Garlean soldiers - so this sort of outfit is reserved for days out on the town.

So, onto why I think this look is working: the unifying bright red accent throughout and the matching dusty gold metallics. The amount of exposed leg provided by the Pantalettes is a bold choice that’s really working here- though for my gil dying them black would improve the color balance in the ensemble further. For you shyer readers, a look like this with thigh-high boots would still be pretty daring.

Apparel Pictured: Uraeus Coat, Hempen Pantalettes, High House Boots, Weathered Earrings, Weathered Choker, Weathered Wristlets, Weathered Ring, Crimson Ring


Lafeyette Moumadelle

Our next subject is considerably less rough and tumble - this delicate lady is one Lafeyette Moumadelle, a Sharlayan expatriate who runs a clinic in Gridania. I don’t normally favor simplicity when it comes to clothing. Anything worth doing is worth doing as ornately as possible, and I certainly don’t favor pastels in any context. (They’re for relentlessly sunny, hopeful people, and who has time for that?)

Therefore I was surprised to be impressed by this coordination. Oftentimes, simplicity seems like an excuse for just not putting enough effort in- but here it creates a sense of elegance. When asked why light blue Moumadelle had this to say: “I’ve been wearing black all winter and I wanted to step away from the dreariness of it.” (Apparently, black hides the various bodily fluids of her patients well.) Readers: the key to keeping it simple in elegant is all in clean lines and tasteful jewelry. Note here the asymmetrical bracelets and armbands on the left side create interest but don’t get overwhelming.

Apparel Pictured: Valerian Shaman’s Temple Chain, Eastern Lady’s Togi, Asuran Hakama of Healing, Bridesmaid’s Sandals, Shire Preceptor’s Earrings


Realmsward Results

By Deidra Rose, Pictures By Shio Maeda

Champion: Braxis Wynterwulf
Fighting Style: Halberd and Hand Axe
“Somethin' me Uncle Greywulf used to say. "Our lives are what we make it, it is forged in the fires of challenge as they charge at ye head first. Do not falter, even if yer beated down the first few times.”

Second place: Ys’nir Seikatsu
Fighting Style: Fists and Chakra

A Night in the Clouds at the Cloudtop Vista

By Talman Chryses, Pictures By Shio Maeda


This week, Blue Sky Ventures hosted a special social event at their bar, the Cloudtop Vista, filling the small venue with a buzzing crowd. Apart from the fine surroundings, drinks and company, the main attractions were three musical performances from Ellmida Westrose, Etani'a Sedi and Berrod Armstrong. All three performers were very good, though they could hardly have been more different in their respective styles.

Ellmida Westrose was the first on stage. A modest young woman performing for the public for the first time, Westrose showed real talent on a complicated instrument, the Hurdy Gurdy, which she used to accompany herself in several songs. The first was a soothing lullaby and the second a mournful traveller's song. These might

have been enough to send the audience into melancholic reveries for the rest of the night, except that Westrose chose to follow them up with a rousing tavern song, "Forty Gil Wedding".

After a lively round of applause, Westrose was followed by the unmistakable Miqo'te Etani'a Sedi, who sang an ethereal ballad that made the event's name "A Night in the Clouds" seem especially fitting. Throughout Etania's heartfelt and sensual performance, the audience was transfixed. It seems likely that the androgynous artist won over a several new fans that night.

Finally, the chiseled Highlander Berrod Armstrong took the stage, and dispensed with any subtext. His

performance left nothing to the imagination as various members of the audience were singled out as the object of his desire for the duration of a verse, including one of the Chronicle's own artists! Needless to say, the room was feeling collectively hot under the collar after the act, which must have been good for Blue Sky's drinks sales.

The Cloudtop Vista has seen some favorable renovations lately, with additional seating and a refurbished bar. Several new staff were hard at work, greeting patrons and mixing drinks. Proprietress Kei Aozora was seen to be everywhere at once, ensuring the night ran smoothly. All the effort paid off with interest and we at the Crystal Chronicle will be keeping an keen eye out for future events at the Vista.


A Lunar Look - Nymeia

By Dae Fenris

"[...] from the Whorl did another step forth. Her name was Nymeia, and She was but a mewling babe who could do naught but weep, and soon Her tears had created a vast lake."

This lunar cycle is dedicated to the goddess Nymeia, creator of the waters which would eventually be stretched into rivers and deepened into seas by her ilk. And while most of us will consider ourselves land-dwellers, we simply cannot overlook the myriad of creatures who call the water home. Let us reflect upon this aspect of our world as we journey through this cycle.

Wavekin, creatures who live within the water, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From the dull and pudgy crabs found in the shallows to the sinewy serpents with their iridescent scales that roam the open waters. Their aquatic habitats vary wildly, and many have adapted to be formidable opponents if provoked. While you may not have too much trouble reeling in a princess trout we strongly recommend against wielding your rosewood fishing pole in a fight with the fabled kraken. Many of these creatures are regularly sought as sources of food and raw materials that can't be sourced elsewhere.

The next time you find yourself at the water's edge think of the creatures below. Think of the bounteous realm which Nymeia helped shape. Think of the ebbing and flowing of your own fate guided by the Spinner. But don't think too long, lest a salamander thinks you a tasty treat left by the gods themselves!


(185th) Grindstone Weekly Update

By Yachiyo Kaneuchi and K.

Die hard fans and combatants from all over Eorzea started arriving at Fesca’s Wash, on The Steps of Nald in Central Thanalan, two hours early to be the first arrivals of the melee classic known as Grindstone. A fighting event that always draws large crowds and this week was no exception. With seventy-two participants queuing up around “The Rock” to take part in a prize tournament with a one million gil (1,000,000.00 G) purse. So numerous were participants, that the Grindstone staff had to redesign the standard ladder sheet just to accommodate the fighters in one on one matched combat that ran more than four hours. For those of you who have yet to sign up, hear what some of the new bloods had to say.

TCC: What brought you to compete tonight Mr. Jajami?

Kokomi Jajami: "Well, I lived a good life, a life of a merchant son. Always protected, always admiring the Stone Torches that protected our mines, I thought: Kokomi, you gotta get out there and adventure! So I trained with them, and after going out into the world with a small loan of 1 million gil, I bought some guards and trained. Then I heard about this grindstone, and people -not- from Ul’dah winning this prize so close to home! This is the Sultana's soil! Gotta bring it!”

TCC: I saw that you were a bit put off on your first loss. Do you think you will be participating in the next Grindstone?

Mynxe: "Aye, I see myself doing so. It's hard to beat the excitement. I mean, look around; where else do so many varied people congregate in an adrenaline-fuelled party, showing some of what they learnt in life? Next time I'll make it past the first round."

And not all our new combatants were new to fighting tournaments.

TCC: How long have you been competing at the Grindstone?

Amiko Ayano: "First one! But I'm a regular at some other smaller pit fights. Lace and Steel is my usual one though!"

TCC: What do you enjoy most about the Grindstone?

Amiko Ayano: "Weeeellll... I'm just a fighting buff. I love the rush of fighting an opponent, even more so when I'm not sure I can win! I'll be sure to try return on a regular basis."

Those of you who are more interested in the results here are your top three for this week.


1st: Celestus Shinozaki - "...There is little I can provide that will be of worth. I am merely a woman that understands that skill and physique are not that all of which amount to victory on the battlefield...which is why I tell my opponents that I hope fortune grants them victory, for nothing is guarantee."

2nd: “Gray” (unavailable for comment)

3rd: Titus Kagimake - of the Fabled Few, runner up of last week’s Mystic Runestone, appeared at the Grindstone in hopes of becoming the Grindstone Champion like the numerous other competitors participating this week. Foregoing the combination of lightning-aspected aether and acrobatic techniques in favor of focusing on the latter, Titus began the night in the Rock division and fought valiantly well into the night. Although Titus displayed his physical prowess for the crowd, the Raen Auri was unfortunately bested by the night’s champion, Celestus, securing his position in 3rd place. His rise to the top was cut short, but we hope Titus and arise from his defeat and secure the championship for himself!

Highlight of the Night

In the quarterfinal round, the two competitors, Celestus Shinozaki and Toff Vaughn engaged in the night’s longest fight. After the third attack was landed, both opponents proceeded to trade blows though none would connect. This phenomenon left bystanders stricken with awe, restlessness and boredom as they waited for the fight to reach its conclusion. Roughly ten minutes after the two danced around each other’s attacks, champion Celestus came out on top as she took down Toff to compete in the semifinals, which she proceeded to defeat Titus Kagimake and Gray for the Grindstone Championship.


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