((This is the final Crystal Chronicle edition! For more information see this post. (http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=20972) Thank you so much to the Balmung community for all your support and we hope you check out our colleagues' upcoming publication, the Garnet Gazette, when it gets published!))

  • Crystal Chronicle Staff Accused of Tax Evasion, Libel
  • Editorial: The Struggle of Eorzea's Free Press
  • Magus Invitational Report
  • Review: Mucky Sparrow, Sultry Sixth Astral
  • Grindstone Report
  • Hydaelyn's Historic Labor Shortage Shakes Businesses
  • Review: Fantasia Player's Autumn Showcase
  • Comic: <click><click>kupo
  • Between Wick and Wylde Fashion
  • Eorzea Mode #10
  • Ask Yayaha
  • Coerthan Expeditionary Member Reports "The Glacier is alive!"
  • Adventurer's Guild Targets Ashkin in Lower La Noscea

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